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    Best way to spell Day-a and have less pronunciation issues?

    Hi all! We are having our daughter in June and we like the name Daya (pronounced Day-a). Our other daughter is Ava. Daya and Ava both have bird connections which I like. The thing is, when I do research on the name, it looks like it's supposed to be pronounced Die-a (like Maya), some sources do say its Day-a, but I'm afraid people will automatically think it's pronounced like Maya. So then I looked up Dea, but that is pronounced as Dee-a or Dee.

    Which spelling is best to get Day-a? Would spelling it Daea make it easier for people to pronounce when they first see it?


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    I read it as Daya... I guess you could spell it Dayah or Daiya...

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    I would have read Daya as Day-a. Mostly I think because Day is an everyday (sorry bad unintentional pun) sort of word. Also it’s not difficult to correct people and say “it’s like Day with an extra a at the end”. You’ll really only have to tell them that once.

    Out of curiosity. Is you little Ava AY-va or AH-vah? (I ask because AY-va and DAY-a are a little rhymey for me - and I was thus wondering about your pronunciation.)
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    Daea, Déa and Déah are all good ways to spell it, without confusion. You could spell it Daiya, which is still said DAY-ah, but people seem to get confused about the pronunciation. It is also the leading brand of vegan cheese- probably not the best association for a name.

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    I know a girl named Daya (pronounced DIE-a). There are a few people that have called her DAY-ah instead of DIE-a. They were swiftly corrected...

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