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    Daya is a Hebrew name, and according to it is pronounced more like Die-a ( Where are you getting the Day-a pronunciation?
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    If you want the Day-a pronunciation, maybe Deia would work for you.

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    Where I live, Maya is always assumed to be MAY-A. If you want the 'eye'/'my' sound its Myah or Mya.

    So I see Daya as DAY-A. You could also use Daia, Dayah or Daiah.
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    I would use Daya or as sweetpeacelove suggested, Deia, which I really like. Daiya is a brand of vegan cheese, so I would avoid that. Daia, to me is die-uh, because of the name Maia, which is usually pronounced like My-uh/Mya.

    So, Daya or Deia for the intended pronunciation, but I do think Deia is my favourite version If I saw Daya or Deia I would definitely think it was Day-a. Never would I think Daya was die-uh/a.

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    I am confused which prn you want. I say Maya like may-a and Daya like day-a to rhyme with Maya.

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