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    Archer, Asher or Alden? The 3rd Trimester begins!

    Hi berries! My husband and I are having our first child (a boy) mid-July and we are still struggling to decide on a name. Before he was a "real boy", I thought we'd settled on Alden (pronounced All-den). He was going to be Alden John (John being his dad's middle name), nicknamed AJ or Ollie.

    After we found out we were having a boy, my husband decided that he wasn't so sure about Alden, and my sister and mom kept putting the thought in my head that he would be plagued with pronunciation issues throughout his life. He'd be Al-den, or Aiden, or Allen. Ugh. And it breaks my heart to say it, but for now, Alden seems to be out

    For a while, we seemed to have a fairly solid Top 5 of Asher, Archer, Emmett, Harrison and Max (Top 3 for girls is Celia, Mira (meer-uh) and Caia/Kaia). Asher was in the lead, and we were pretty set with the combo Asher Gabriel.

    Now that I'm headed into the 3rd trimester, I'm the one having second thoughts about our Top pick! Suddenly, Asher seems too feminine, and if he has a lisp he could pronounce his name as "Asser", and I'm not sure I like the nickname "Ash", and etc etc etc. Sigh. Why is naming boys so hard???

    My husband really likes the name Archer John, nicknamed Ari or AJ, and I am trying to love it but I'm not quite there yet. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Do you have a preference between the three choices? Do you like/love/dislike Archer? Should I give Asher another chance? Try to talk my husband into loving Alden? Based on our other favorites (girls and boys), is there an "obviously perfect" name we're overlooking?

    Thanks everyone,
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    I love Asher Gabriel! It's such a good manly name : ) Though there is always a chance of him having a lisp, the odds are he will be able to pronounce the SH sound. My sister had a lisp which affected her ability to pronounce S's, and so they came out like TH's; my brothers have problems pronouncing R's correctly; a little boy at the park the other day had problems pronouncing his R's and Y's. But as far as I know, I have never met anyone who had problems pronouncing SH's. I think you're pretty safe with Asher, but just in case you could name him Asher John and call him AJ. Alden and Archer are both nice, solid names, but it sounds like the both of you agree on Asher, at least for the most part. Good luck!
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    I love Asher Gabriel and Archer John, they are both great.

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    I LOVE Archer John. Perfectly balanced.
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    I love Alden. Perfect mix of familiar and unusual. I've only ever known 1 person named Alden - he's my age (mid-20's) and never experienced any pronunciation issues. I always thought it was such a handsome name.

    That being said, if both of you aren't sure about Alden, then I think either Archer or Emmett would be great picks.

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