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    Red face Names That Make You Smile

    Which combinations make you smile? The names that are not 'out there' but still have something distinctive about them; a quirky middle name or a pretty meaning?

    The reason I say this is because I have not been actively posting on the forum for a while. I have been struggling with depression and it suddenly got worse after an period of physical illness. I think it would be nice to have a thread of names that seem ordinary but still have something magical--> A bit like smiling at a flower somewhere unexpected.

    Thanks from Whirli

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    Lucy Pearl even though I am not keen on Lucy, Pearl makes it magical.

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    Asa Benjamin, I don't even know why. The first time I saw it I smiled and I have smiled every time since
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    Hi! The name Keara always makes me smile. It's my sister's name, and its pronounced like Keira, Kira, Kyra, any of those variations. Whenever I see the name Keara, I always think of the word "heart" because it has the same middle letters. This is probably just becase its my sister's name, but I adore it.

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    Iris Paloma and Clara Madelief make me smile. I think they're distinctive without being showy. (And they're pretty cute.)
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