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    Help! My beloved baby name used by Disney - ELSA

    I may have been living under a rock but I haven't known until the past couple of weeks that the Disney blockbuster Frozen has Elsa as one of the stars!

    It has been my beloved baby name for so long and we had our hearts set on it if we have a girl. We already have a little boy called Oscar and think it goes perfectly.

    Would any of you still use it?! Thanks for your help xx

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    I would still use it. Oscar and Elsa are perfect and I don't think the Frozen association is too bad. You could also use Elsie or another variant.

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    I'd still use it. It's a nice name, and the character isn't a bad association, so if the connections made then it's not really such a bad thing anyway.

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    I don't think it should keep you from using the name if you really love it.

    Elsa is a fairly well-known name, not one that was invented specifically for a character, like Ariel or Merida. Plus, a brief look at statistics tells me that, while Ariel and Jasmine really jumped on the girl charts circa 1991, more recent "Disney Princess" names don't seem to become popular at all —*Tiana rose a little around 2010 but never higher than #387, Merida didn't even crack Top 1000.

    You could always put Elizabeth or Elisabeth on the birth certificate and use Elsa as a nickname.
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    Thank you very much for your replies and reassurance!

    We would have called Oscar Elsie if he had been a girl, after my fiancé's grandmother. But I know of quite a few personally now (in the UK) so we love Elsa as a nod towards it but a way to keep it a bit different.

    Our surname is Knief so we like short and easy to spell names!


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