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    Name Changer's Remorse

    I would love to hear your opinions on this, both from a name enthusiast's perspective and from a general human being perspective. The name my parents gave me at birth was Emily Rose. I was born very premature so they only picked Emily because they thought it was pretty. (Rose is after my grandmother). So I legally changed my name to Beatrix, with Rose and Lyra as middle names. I had been very focused on the perceived "style" of the name; I wanted a name with British, classic flair. I chose Lyra because I became a better person after I read the His Dark Materials series. (I'm an English major - literature is very important to me.) Everyone at my college knows me as Beatrix, or Bea.


    I have experienced deep regret multiple times at the fact that Beatrix does not have that much meaning to me. Yes, it is pretty and sounds British-y and strong, but it isn't in any works of literature that I adore. My family has mostly adjusted, but I can tell that they aren't totally happy with "Beatrix". They suggested Rose at first, but I thought it was too common. (I didn't like Emily because there are multitudes of girls named Emily). I respond when called by Beatrix, but it does not feel like ME. Now I am seriously considering changing it, and this time my name list is quite short;

    Rose (Pretty, classic, and would be an easy transition as I would tell people I want to go by my middle)
    Lyra (I really admire Lyra Silvertongue, the main character in*His Dark Materials,*and I could also tell people I want to go by my middle)
    Gemma (my parents called me EmmyGem a lot when I was younger. This is the main reason I'm considering this name) EDIT; Now I am NOT considering this name because my only connection to it is the "gem" nickname.

    So. I would like your opinions on these names, and on how well you imagine them aging. I would just tell people I'm going by my middle name in the cases of Lyra and Rose, and with Gemma...I'd just say I'm changing it. I'm more focused on meaning rather than style, because style isn't enough. I would really appreciate any and all comments!

    Thank you!
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    Rose: I really like this name and I don't think it's too common (in the US anyway.. not sure where you are)
    Lyra: Very pretty and since it has significance to you, I think that you would be happy with it.
    Gemma: Doesn't sound like it has much significance to you, so you may get name regret again if you change it to this.

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    I think Rose is your best option.

    If you're looking for namesakes for Beatrix, Beatrix Potter is a fabulous one.
    ~ Violet Elizabeth Rose ~


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    I am crossing off Gemma because it has less meaning to me than the others.

    I am in the US, so Rose is fairly uncommon as is Lyra!

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    I think Rose would be good. It has a lot of meaning to you and your family, and I also think it ages well. Lyra is an adorable option though.

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