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    -Lucania, I absolutely LOVE this name, but my husband says No! He thinks it sounds similar to leukemia. For me, I love the sound, the look, the connection to history, the Antique/vintage and rustic charm. I love that it has a touch of edginess for today but retains a haughtiness, yet its feminine-delicate, and carries a bit of stately aspect in a graceful sort of way, all at the same time. My runner-up is Vespertine.
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    My favorite is snowdrop- not many people like it, but it feels crisp fresh, delicate, dainty, and ethereal to me.

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    At the moment, my favorite is Colette. I like that it's feminine, but if a "unisex"/masculine nn was wanted they could go with Cole or Coley.

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    For 5 plus years it's been Pandora. Fingers crossed I'll actually be able to use it someday.
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    my favorite is Emmeline
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