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    Pregnant with number 3 and my name style shifted! please help!

    Hi, everyone!

    I currently have two beautiful girls named Juliet and Penelope! I tend to gravitate towards old fashioned names with funky/fun nick names. We call our girls Jet and Poppy. I just found out I am pregnant with number 3 and now I find that I am gravitating towards very very short names/ kinda funky names, much like the nick names I gave for my girls.. The problem is either these names don't really have traditional names they can be nick names for, or I don't like the "long" version so to speak. Everyone is always talking about Sib sets. I always thought if I had a 3rd girl I would name her Felicity (which was actually originally the name for Penelope) or Adeline, but now I'm not so sure. And for I boy I always liked Oliver, Graham and Jude, but now again I'm not so sure! Maybe you wonderful name berries can help me out!

    Here are some of the ones I really like right now:

    Thea (theee- uh)
    Zoe (Pronounced Zow as in Row not Zoey)



    It's crazy because some of these names weren't even close to our list last time! I guess having two little girls that fit so well into their spunky nick names does that to you! Thank you everyone and of course I am open to suggestions, expansions, or ideas to somehow merge both styles together so that my third little buddy still fits the group

    Thank you so much!

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    From your girls list I like Wren, Cleo, Thea, Olive, Luna, and Isla, and from your boys list I like Theo, Graham, Felix, Ezra, and Oliver. Are you worried that the names don't 'match' your sibset or that they don't have nicknames? I feel like most of these names actually compliment Juliet and Penelope quite nicely, and a nickname isn't really essential, especially for a short name. But you could do Wren nn Birdie, Ruby nn Rue, Olive nn Ollie/Liv/Livie, Luna nn Lulu, or something like Cleo Catherine nn C.C. And there's Ollie for Oliver and maybe Ezzy for Ezra (kinda like Ozzy...) Hope that helps!
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    Cleo- I like Kleodora (a nymph in Greek mythology) and Clea (clay-uh). Cleo is nice, but I prefer these, personally .
    Thea (theee- uh)- I love love love this name. One of my favourites (also a great nickname for Theodora).
    Olive- Another one of my favourite names. You have great taste! The nickname Ollie is adorable too.
    Luna- Love this name, and loved it before she was a character in Harry Potter.
    Rue- I don't like it, only because of what rue means. Great sound though. I like Boo.


    Theo- Love it!
    Luca- I love it. I know a little girl named Luca, it would be beautiful on a boy as well.
    Felix- LOVE.
    Kai- A bit too Australian surfer boy for me (I am Australian and there are heaps of Tai/Jai/Kai variants here. HEAPS.)
    Julian- Love it
    Ezra-Love it.
    Oliver- An old favourite.
    Tate- I like it, but I prefer this for a girl. I know it is a boys name, but it always seemed like a great alternative to Kate/Cate.

    You have really good taste, whatever you pick will be great. Congratulations!

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    I think out of your girl names Olive & Isla work fairly well with Juliet & Penelope.
    For a boy I'd go with Theo, Graham (I prefer Graeme), Jack & Oliver.

    Definitely not Julian or Jude (are you serious?) with dd Juliet.

    I assume what you're looking for are suggestions of longer names with spunky short nicknames, yes? Like Samantha nn Sam?
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    I don't think you need to fret. Just because your newer list contains short names, it doesn't mean they don't fit. Cleo, Luna, Isla, and Olive are the same style as Juliet & Penelope- old fashioned/hipster. Also, Penelope comes from Greek myth just like Clio (if you're open to this spelling). Luna is Roman myth and of course Juliet is also a literary figure.

    The only boy names that are a bit out of place are Ace & Kai. However, I've always felt that opposite sex sibling names don't have to match.

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