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    Sienna-->I like this. It would suit a confident or shy girl, has plenty of individuality but will be familiar to most people.
    Mia-->I used to like this but it seems to have lost its sparkle. I think of a blonde diva or a painfully shy cat lover.
    Aubrey-->Weird in a bad way. I can never figure out if it is better for a boy or girl.
    Audrey-->I used to hate this but it is slightly better in my mind now. I just find it a bit plain and dull.

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    -Sienna - I like it better than Aubrey and Audrey definitely. The colour is pleasant. I like it's warm, earthy feel. I wouldn't use it though. I like some other names that are similar too much to make space for it - one can't really have six colour names, you know? Or Sienna + Susannah + Sabrina. It's not bad though. It reminds me of hiking and crisp cool dawns with clear skies. I picture a sunny girl with her hair up, nothing formal or classic but kind of adorable.

    -Mia - a bit too sweet, and as classic as Leah or as somberly regal as Mara. I do like that it's three letters, that's visually pleasing. But it's girlier than May/Mae and I'm not girly enough to love that about it. I do picture a pretty girl though. Not as sporty as Sienna. I'm more drawn to Molly but not sure why?

    -Aubrey - Just barely ok on a boy, really dislike on a girl. Autumn would be much nicer?

    -Audrey - Harsh, unpleasant. I like Hepburn, but if I wanted to honour her I'd go with Sabrina which has her elfin charm. Audrey is a depressing name to me and when I imagine a woman named Audrey it's like my image of Adrienne - harsh middle-aged chain-smoker.

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    1. Sienna- I've never really been a fan of this name. I don't like the sound of it and it is very trendy.
    2. Mia- Very sweet! I like this name a lot. May be my favorite from your list.
    3. Aubrey- I do like this name, mainly because I think Aubrey Plaza is absolutely adorable, but I prefer it for a boy.
    4. Audrey- Love! Very classy and feminine. Great choice.

    Audrey and Mia are tied for being my favorites from your list

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    The only one I dislike is Aubrey since I grew up knowing a boy named Aubrey. I love Bree names for girls, but Aubrey irks me.
    I love Audrey - nn Dree.
    Sienna and Mia are nice, but they seem a bit dated.
    Audrey is a classic.

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    1. Audrey: gorgeous, sweet, refined. I absolutely adore this name!
    2. Mia: cute and pretty, but I prefer a name with a bit more substance. WDYT of Amelia nn Mia? I think Amelia and Audrey would be beautiful sister names!
    3. Sienna: I can't really get on board with this name. It's OK, but NMS. WDYT of Seraphina?
    4. Aubrey: prefer this on a boy. Can't see it on a girl sorry!

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