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    I think Sienna has a very pleasant sound and is earthy at the same time sophisticated. (please vote!)

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    Sienna: I've been crushing on this name since I saw a birthday banner on Pinterest for the cutest little Sienna. ( -- I sincerely apologize if this website steals hours of your life, like it did mine, I just wanted to give context for my new image of Sienna.)
    Mia: I generally think of this as a nn for Amelia a la Princess Diaries... Maybe I just tend to like longer names than this?
    Aubrey: I like that this one doesn't have the "odd" sound and Elf Ruler is an intriguing, whimsical meaning
    Audrey: Hepburn & Tautou lend such a beautiful aura to this name that I forgive its first syllable. Strong meaning as well.

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    -Audrey: Love it! I think of Audrey Hepburn which makes it so classy for me.
    -Mia: I've known two girls with Mia as their given names. They were both outgoing, cheerful, gorgeous girls. Both had great hair too (I was super envious of their hair lol).
    -Aubrey: I love names that end in an "e" sound and I like the potential nn Brie. Part of me does wish that it stayed a boys name, but since Audrey and Aubrey are so similarly spelled (and often confused) it doesn't surprise me it became a girl name.
    -Sienna: I think this is a pretty name, but it's just not my style. When I hear it I think of Sienna Miller.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iluvry View Post
    Please give me your thoughts on these names. I don't care too much how popular a name is. Just your thoughts on why you like/dislike a name, and what kind of girl you picture with these names.

    -Sienna - I hear it often, so I dislike it, but I won't deny that its beautiful

    -Mia- I like it as a nn only
    -Aubrey- love, its a rare gem
    -same as above but Audrey Hepburn is a great role model

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    I love Sienna and Audrey!

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