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Thread: Must use a -y?

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    Must use a -y?

    Baby no. 3 is on her way and I'm a little confused! We have two sons, Fredrick "Ricky" and Theodore "Teddy", and now we've been told that since she is going to be our last, that she needs a nickname ending in -y or she will feel left out.

    What are your thoughts on this? Do you have any suggestions?

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    No way! A matchy nickname is totally not necessary if the name you love can't be shortened easily. It's not even something I would prioritize, to be honest.

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    Maybe if it was a boy, but since they're not even the same sex I wouldn't care honestly. I would probably refrain from it actually.

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    No she doesn't need a nick name ending in Y. Pick what you love if it happens to follow a theme then so be it.
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    Thanks everyone! We know we want a name with a nickname, but we weren't sure if it needed to end with a -y as well.

    Does anyone have any general suggestions (names with nicknames, preferably)? We haven't found anything at all that we really like!

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