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    Is german measles/rubella a concern in the US or Canada?

    I am 10 weeks pregnant. I got my prenatal blood tests done a few weeks ago and found out I have low/no immunity to rubella immunization. I had no idea about this before I got pregnant and I can't get this vaccine now since I'm pregnant. My doctor didn't seem too concerned. I am a little worried though b/c there are those people that don't get vaccinated and you hear of the occasional measles going around (not necessarily german measles, I'm not sure but maybe it is more rare?) b/c if I contracted that while pregnant it can lead to fetal deformities. Has anyone experienced this or know if german measles is something that occurs very often in Canada or the US? Thanks!

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    It's not common, and I haven't heard of any big outbreaks recently. I wouldn't worry too much, obviously don't go hanging around someone who has rubella, but I think it's unlikely you'd just catch it at the store or something. Practice regular hygiene and I think you'll be fine!
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    You will probably be OK. There have been more cases of German Measles & Rubella in the last couple years thanks to that idiot Jenny Mccarthy convincing people vaccines are harmful. It is not common, usually if there's an outbreak (of German Measles anyway, not sure about Rubella) in your area it will probably be in the news. It's usually older people & young children that catch that sort of thing. They are very real though & I would definitely advise EVERYONE to immunize their children & make sure your own vaccines are up to date (obviously not if you can't cause you're pregnant).

    If you spend time with seniors or young children just be sure to be careful about your hygiene. If there happens to be an outbreak in your area, stay home.

    You can read up about them online, I think they're mostly only really harmful during early pregnancy.
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    According to the CDC, there were 189 reported cases of Measles in the US in 2013 (more than any year since 1996.) Most cases were imported by travelers, and there was an outbreak in a non-vaccinating religious community in Brooklyn.
    Don't panic though. 189 is still a pretty small number.

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    I had German Measles in 1992 when I was about six months old. We were a military family though, so lots of people who travel internationally were always around. I've never heard of anyone else getting it, though I'm sure it happens.

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