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    Which Is- name? Isis is currently on my list, but I'm looking for a longer one. Isolde was already on my list, but if it's your favorite feel free to suggest it.

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    I love Isobel, especially when spelled this way.
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    I'm torn between Isobel and Isolde. I used Isobel (spelled just that way) as a middle name for my second daughter. I would have loved it as a first name too. Isolde is a stunning literary pick, I absolutely love the tale of Tristan & Isolde. It's also a little less used than Isobel.

    Another choice is Isannah. It's a name from the book Johnny Tremain and was from colonial days, they combined Hannah and Isabelle I think. I read it in 4th grade and always thought how gorgeous that name was. It was probably the first event of name love that I experienced come to think of it.
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    Isabeau and then Isadora.
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    I like Isabeau right now because of the nn Beau

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