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    Atticus - I like it, but need your input!

    We have 3 months to figure out a name for our boy! The names my husband and I agree on as of now are:

    *possibly Orrin &
    *possibly Truman

    My husbands favorite right now is Atticus. I think it is my favorite too, but does it go well with my sib set (written in my signature)? Also, my last name starts with a K. Would there be too muck "K" sound?

    I like Atticus because it is a nod to my Greek ancestors. It is also the character in my husbands favorite book

    Truman and Elliot are my other two favorites (out of the small list we agree on).

    Which names fit in best with our family? Thank you for your input!
    In love with my little ones Atticus, Delmer and June

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    I also really like Walden, but I haven't brought it up to my husband yet.
    In love with my little ones Atticus, Delmer and June

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    I think Atticus would fit well with your sib list but it may sound a little heavy on the K sound of your last name also starts with K, but I wouldn't let that be a deal breaker. You could get yourself in the habit of taking a little pause in between saying "this is my son, Atticus *pause* K...."

    I do love the name and I associate it with To Kill a Mockingbird, my favorite book. It's such a wise, strong name and I just can't help but envision Atticus Finch. Such a great character with sturdy morals. I love it! It's also a great way to honor your Greek heritage like you mentioned.

    My second choice off your list would be Truman. But I do really love Atticus the best with your other children's names
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    Delmer and Atticus are definitely both unusual, but Delmer has a much rounder, old-fashioned sound while Atticus is sharp with a modern flair.
    I think Truman goes best with Delmer, but there's no rule that says your sibsets have to match perfectly. As I said, they are both unusual so it's not as though it's Delmer and Jayden.
    If you love it, I definitely think it could work.

    ooo, I love Walden with your sibset too!
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    I think Atticus fits in really well with Delmer and June. They all three are a bit quirky sounding and all old fashioned and charming, so I think it works!

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