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    What do you think?

    Another baby name chat with my partner last night and he decided that he's totally against most of the names I like for a boy (Asher, Ezra, Gideon, Jude, Caleb, Elijah etc.) So I've kind of come to terms that I'm not likely to ever have a little Asher and as much as that upsets me I'm still kind of happy with what my partner suggests (most of the time). Our taste in girl's names is identical - he likes vintage and names that are not the norm!

    Yesterday he suggested Ivy, Flora, and Rose, and he also admitted to liking Adelaide! Ivy, Flora and Rose aren't my favourites but I think I could grow to like them as a first names! We have agreed on Matilda, Beatrix, Clementine & Arabella, which I'm delighted with as they're my favourites. His biggest love is Felicity, which I like but I'm not convinced.

    So any thoughts on Ivy, Flora, Rose and Felicity?

    As for a boy he generally likes uncommon names but then yesterday suggested Owen, Callum and Elliot - the latter we've discussed before but the first two are very random! They aren't bad names but totally not me and I could never imagine having a son named Owen or Callum. I managed to talk him out of naming a son Tiago but he won't budge on Ezekiel. Oh and he likes Eli but not Elijah or Elias =(

    We have kind of settled on a top 5 but I'm not totally happy - Isaac, Barnaby, Rupert, Theodore & Ezekiel, what do you think?

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    It is great that your girl naming style is so similar and he likes to suggest which is always a bonus! I've added in brackets some names of a similar style.

    Ivy-A lovely name which has had a recent revival. It is very natural and feminine, a great option. (Edie, Polly, Isis, Iris, Maple, Dolly, Josephine)
    Flora- Again, beautiful! Ample nicknames and easy to pair with a vintage middle. (Daisy, Pearl, Besty, Sylvie, Vera)
    Rose- This is my least favourite. It just seems a bit bland next to your other choices. (Lily, Elizabeth, Charlotte)
    Felicity- My favourite choice because it is such a delicate name with the more robust nn Flick or the cutesy Lissy. It would age well and is different yet familiar. Darling. (Penelope, Violet, Natalie, Ophelia)

    Isaac- Lovely Biblical choice with lots of history and a pleasing sound. (James, David, Joseph, Silas, Levi)
    Barnaby- This seems a bit dated to me but fits in with trends. (Alfie, Barney, Rafferty, Walter)
    Rupert- I always associate this with the bear, sorry! It is a lovely name and I am a fan of the nn Bear but this would be overkill for me. (Wilbur, Ralph, Rafe, George)
    Theodore- A great choice because it is a regal sounding name IMO but has the option of Teddy/Theo as nns which is always a plus as it allows the name to age well. (Felix, Everett, Charles, Bennett, Bardo)
    Ezekiel- Although this is, again, a Biblical choice I am not a huge fan. It just seems like a bit of a mouthful! (Solomon, Jonas, Abraham, Moses)X
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    I think you are lucky that he's into names at all! And that his taste is not totally bland. I'm impressed.

    I think these Ivy, Flora, Rose and Felicity are all lovely. My favorites is Flora. I like Felicity a lot but would probably use it in the middle myself.

    For boys, I love Isaac and Theodore.

    Your quirkier options of Barnaby and Rupert are nms but I love the names for someone else. I cant say i'm a big fan of Ezekiel, though it is important to keep on the list and potentially use if it's his favorite. I can see it as a fine middle.
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    Love Ivy, Rose & Felicity, but I'm not a fan of Flora.

    Owen & Elliot are nice, but Cameron is so common IMO so I don't love it.
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    I'm really loving Adelaide right now too, it is so cute, yet mature and strong. I love love love Felicity!!! It is so sweet and happy and just adorable, and I think it works on all ages. I like Rose & Flora, like Felicity they are just sweet and age well. I'm not a fan of Ivy, because I think of poison Ivy, and the American Girl Doll.

    I am so sad that he shot down your favorites, I love Asher, Jude, & Elias, I really like Caleb, Elijah, Ezra, & Gideon. I feel for you. I can't imagine what I'll do when my future husband shoots down my favorites. I love all of his suggestions (except Eli). I love Owen, it is sweet and strong. Elliott is awesome, strong, adorable. But most of all I love Callum. Callum is strong, sweet, mature, youthful. I love it.
    But to your question. I really love Isaac, it is friendly and versatile. I like Theodore, because I adore the nn Theo. I'm not a fan of Barnaby, Rupert, or Ezekiel. For Ezekiel, I think a lot of people will have a hard time pronouncing it. I grew up with a hard to pronounce name and always hated it, so I'm sensitive to this.
    I'm sure you and your partner will find the perfect name, just keep at it.
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