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    Names That Have Bad Associations

    Don't ask why, but for characters I want old names with sometimes a bad history; I'm trying to turn the negative image around. Not too negative, though: I'm not doing Cain or Romulus since they're both murderers, and Lilith is a demon queen or whatever so that's out. Anyway, help would be appreciated.

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    Desdemona maybe. It doesn't have a bad history as such but she was a character from one of Shakespeare's plays and apparently she had quite a tragic death,and it doesn't really get used that much (it was the name of one of the sims 2 characters in Veronaville though).

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    Desdemona seems cool. I'm looking also for names with an old history that are underrated, so your reply was perfect, actually.

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    Ophelia is such a beautiful name but in Hamlet (Shakespeare) she is insane and dies and it's generally associated with tragedy and insanity and it would be awesome for someone to give it a good connotation
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    Lots of Biblical names would work as there are lots of evil characters mentioned!

    - Jael: killed a man by sticking a tent peg through his skull
    - Salome: asked her step-father Herod to give her John the Baptist's head on a plate
    - Herod: see above. Oh and he also married his brother's wife, which isn't really evil but doesn't do him any favours either
    - Jehoram: killed and dismembered his 6 brothers in order to become king
    - Abimelech: slaughtered 70 men from his tribe
    - Jezebel: serial adulteress rumoured to sacrifice babies
    - Delilah: seduced Samson then sold the secret of his strength to his enemies
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