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    Baby Girl Name - Opinions Needed

    Help! I'm having a baby girl soon & can't decide on a name. I have names narrowed down to Morgan, Raegan or Ryleigh? Opinions are welcome & please give specifics for liking or disliking if you have time? Thanks in advance!!!

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    Congrats on your upcoming arrival. Here are my thoughts on the names you're thinking of:

    Raegan- The meaning is "little king" and I'm not a fan of the former president, so it doesn't get my vote.
    Morgan- A solid choice. There's nothing wrong with it, but it is a little dated to me.
    Ryleigh- My favorite on your list, but it won't get a lot of love with this spelling on this site. Ultimately, the spelling is up your preference, but the traditional spelling is more simple, which I always am a fan of.

    Good luck!

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    My favourite is Morgan. I don't have the same taste as you in names, but Morgan is the most classic and sturdy. Raegan is a bit dated, and the spelling for Ryleigh dates this name even further (personally, I would spell it Riley or, the even more traditional Reilly).

    Congratulations though .

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    I agree with the previous suggestion of spelling it Reilly. It seems more feminine than Riley (which it seems like you were trying to achieve with the spelling Ryleigh), but doesn't look as...convoluted? I like Morgan, it's sweet and more or less timeless, and Raegan. Rae would be a cute nickname.

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    I like Ryleigh. Unfair to you, but I knew Reagans that I didn't connect with, and my old roommate's dog was Morgan (it's also a horse breed). Both also feel too 1980s to me. But you've given Ryleigh a nice twist. My girls have Very traditional names and our third will have more character, like you have with Ryleigh.

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