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    My Top Boy Names

    Leo Anthony or Maggie Antonia

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    David Walter - a beautiful pairing
    Atticus Warren - Atticus isn't my favourite name, but it goes beautifully with Warren
    Donahue Allen - I don't like this at all
    Henry Ross - the r sounds don't make it the best combination
    Holden Mark - not the best names together
    Bailey Pierre - I like this better as Pierre Bailey
    Lucian Cort - a bit middle of the road to me
    Maxim Ezra - I prefer Maxwell, Maxim just doesn't sound right to me
    Brighton Oliver - this isn't my style but I actually love it!!
    McCoy Knox - sounds far too masculine for my liking, overly strong and bold
    Bartholemew Graham - I don't like this one, sorry
    Thaddeus River - slightly too offbeat for me
    Page Ignatius - goes nicely together, but I don't love the names individually
    Madison Thomas - Madison has too much of a girly feel to be used for a boy in my opinion, what about Mason Thomas?
    Chelsey Ross - don't love together, much prefer the Chelsea spelling for a boy
    Salem Prosper - sounds a bit random together
    Ulric Malcolm - don't love this
    Reid Maxwell - I prefer Maxwell Reid instead
    Hart Alexander - really like this
    Leif Jackson - don't love Leif, much prefer Levine Jackson
    Loren Ross - not the nicest name combination to me
    Percival Warren - I'm on the fence with this one, partially like it but something about it doesn't sit quite right. I'm in love with Warren Percy though
    Paul Shepherd - sounds too much like a full name, so I don't think it would sound right with a surname at the end
    Thomas Castle - same as Paul Shepherd to me
    Theodore Yale - I love Theodore!! Not sure about Yale with it though
    Rafferty Cole - I've always hated the name Rafferty so I can't really give you an unbiased opinion on this one. Cole is lovely though
    Casper Jean - one of my favourites from your list
    Bodhi Vaughn - goes okay together, but I feel like Bodhi has been well overused lately including by celebs
    Cato Louis - with the lou-ee pronounciation I don't think it works, but with the loo-iss pronounciation I think it goes beautifully
    Baraby Oscar - prefer Barnaby Oscar, never heard of Baraby before
    Asa Malachi - Esa Malachi works nicely, but Asa just doesn't suit it to me
    Boaz Cillian - sounds alright, though I'd prefer Beau Cillian
    Cruz Leopold - too random for my liking
    Rainier Hawk - too offbeat for me, sounds alright together I suppose
    Percy Matteo - not the best combination, but certainly not the worst
    Phineas Lincoln - love it! Both way too underused, go nicely together, beautiful
    Hamish Reid - nice enough together
    Amadeus Romeo - prefer Amadeus Roman or Atlas Romeo
    Tarquin Sage - sage is a guilty pleasure of mine, and these go well together
    Heath Sayer - don't mind this but a bit middle of the road
    Solomon Augustine - love this combination
    Huxley Boone - quite like this actually
    Clark Edison - love these separately and together
    Cassian Porter - quite like this
    Cassius Dante - don't like this one at all
    Gerald Nikolai - a nice name, but not astounding
    Taj Allen - not the best names together in my opinion
    Gideon Parker - I think Gideon deserves more credit than it gets, lovely combo
    Dexter Ivan - I don't mind this, although I'd prefer David Ivan or Daniel Ivan
    Septimus Xavier - too offbeat for me
    Grover Archibald - I like Archibald (Archie) but not sure about Grover
    Emmerich Oscar - I much prefer Emerson Oscar, not a fan of Emmerich
    Cellach Olaf - not the best combination, just doesn't sound quite right
    Eden Jacoby - prefer Jacob over Jacoby, Eden more of a girls name to me
    Clifford Allen - quite like this one
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    David Walter - Nice
    Atticus Warren - I love Atticus
    Donahue Allen - Not my style. I'm not sure Donahue works as a fn
    Henry Ross- Love it
    Holden Mark- Great combo
    Bailey Pierre- Both names are nice individually but I don't think they work together
    Lucian Cort - Lucian is nice but I would find a different mn for him.
    Maxim Ezra - Cool name
    Brighton Oliver - I think the combo is cute but I'd watch out for the initials B.O
    McCoy Knox - McCoy is kind of cool but I wouldn't pair it with Knox. I think it makes it a little too cool
    Bartholomew Graham- Bartholomew is nms but Graham is really handsome
    Thaddeus River- Cute
    Page Ignatious - NMS
    Madison Thomas - I would love to meet a boy Madison but I'm not sure how much he would love it growing up with all those girl Madisons.
    Chelsey Ross - Not a fan of Chelsey for either gender. Ross is nice
    Salem Prosper - Both names are okay but not together. Its a little too Puritan
    Ulric Malcolm - Its okay. Very medieval
    Reid Maxwell- Adorable
    Hart Alexander- Cool name
    Leif Jackson- Nice
    Loren Ross -okay
    Percival Warren - NMS
    Paul Shephard- Its nice, but I think I like it more the other way around.
    Thomas Castle - Cool
    Theodore Yale- Nice
    Rafferty Cole - Rafferty is nms but its alright
    Casper Jean -NMS
    Bodhi Vaughn- Its okay. I think this pairing might be a little too cool
    Cato Louis (LOU-ee) - Nice
    Baraby Oscar - NMS
    Asa Malachi- Nice name. Very biblical
    Boaz Cillian- Boaz is nms but I like Cillian
    Cruz Leopold - Its a nice name but I think I'd prefer Cruz Leonardo
    Rainier Hawk - NMS
    Percy Matteo - Percy is nms but I love Matteo
    Phineas Lincoln - I like both names separately but I don't think they flow well together
    Hamish Reid -okay
    Amadeus Romeo - A little to intense for me. I would pair Amadeus with a more common mn
    Tarquin Sage - NMS
    Heath Sayer- Nice
    Solomon Augustine (ah-gus-TEEN)-Cool name
    Huxley Boone- Not a fan. Sounds very redneck to me
    Clark Edison- Nice
    Cassian Porter- Cool name
    Cassius Danté (cas-ee-iss) - Its okay. Its very Roman
    Gerard Nikolai (knee-kah-LIE)- Gerard is nms but I like Nikolai
    Taj Allen - NMS. It feels to short
    Gideon Parker- Nice
    Dexter Ivan-Nice
    Septimus Xavier- Septimus is a little to intense for me, but I like Xavier
    Grover Arcibald - Its okay
    Emmerich Oscar (em-rikh)- Nice. Sounds really German
    Cellach Olaf (KEL-akh)- Not a fan
    Eden Jacoby-Nice
    Clifford Allen -NMS.
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    David Walter - David is a middle aged man's name to me, while Walter is quite edgy and cool - Walter David would be better.
    Atticus Warren - Atticus is edgy and different but I think will become a trendy one. Warren isn't a great name IMO.
    Donahue Allen - Not keen on this at all, neither name is my style.
    Henry Ross - Henry is a timeless, classic but the combo is very 'R' heavy.
    Holden Mark - Holden is handsome but not keen on Mark.
    Bailey Pierre - Bailey isn't a classy name here in the UK but it's handsome on a boy. I don't like Pierre.
    Lucian Cort - Lucian is gorgeous and the flow is really good but I'm not keen on Cort.
    Maxim Ezra - Maxim is a men's magazine but Ezra is perfect - how about Ezra Maxwell or Maximilian Ezra?
    Brighton Oliver - Brighton is a place in the UK but I can see why it's liked as a name, I really like this combo.
    McCoy Knox - Two last names together doesn't work IMO. I know a child named McCoy but it doesn't work with Knox.
    Bartholomew Graham - Really not my style.
    Thaddeus River - Unusual, edgy, cool, perfect.
    Page Ignatious - I can't picture Page on a boy unfortunately. Ignatius is gorgeous!
    Madison Thomas - I would prefer Addison Thomas - I think Addison can work, I'm not sure on Madison.
    Chelsey Ross - No.
    Salem Prosper - It doesn't sound like a name.
    Ulric Malcolm - No.
    Reid Maxwell - Cool, sounds very modern.
    Hart Alexander - Interesting.
    Leif Jackson - Not keen at all.
    Loren Ross - No.
    Percival Warren - Percival is great but not Warren.
    Paul Shephard - Paul is very dated.
    Thomas Castle - This sounds like a first and last name.
    Theodore Yale - Oh, great - I love Theodore and Yale is interesting.
    Rafferty Cole - Probably my favourite combo!
    Casper Jean - Casper is a favourite of mine, but not keen on Jean.
    Bodhi Vaughn - I like it.
    Cato Louis (LOU-ee) - Cato is fabulous and although I think Louis is sweet I don't like it here.
    Barnaby Oscar - Is this supposed to be Barnaby? Barnaby Oscar is one of my favourite combo's, I love it.
    Asa Malachi - Perfect.
    Boaz Cillian - Interesting, edgy, different, cool, like it.
    Cruz Leopold - I like Cruz and Leopold but not together.
    Rainier Hawk - No.
    Percy Matteo - They don't work together IMO. Matteo is great and Percy is cute.
    Phineas Lincoln - Fabulous, like both names.
    Hamish Reid - Never been keen on Hamish.
    Amadeus Romeo - Too much.
    Tarquin Sage - No.
    Heath Sayer - No.
    Solomon Augustine (ah-gus-TEEN) - Love it!
    Huxley Boone - NMS.
    Clark Edison - Handsome.
    Cassian Porter - NMS.
    Cassius Danté (cas-ee-iss) - Love Cassius.
    Gerard Nikolai (knee-kah-LIE) - No.
    Taj Allen - No.
    Gideon Parker - Love this.
    Dexter Ivan - Dexter is great.
    Septimus Xavier - Septimus sounds like an infection or something but I love Xavier.
    Grover Arcibald - Grover sounds like a dog.
    Emmerich Oscar (em-rikh) - No.
    Cellach Olaf (KEL-akh) - No.
    Eden Jacoby - Gorgeous, love seeing Eden on a boy and Jacoby is great.
    Clifford Allen - No

    Eden Jacoby
    Rafferty Cole
    Gideon Parker
    Clark Edison
    Solomon Augustine
    Phineas Lincoln
    Boaz Cillian
    Asa Malachi
    Barnaby Oscar
    Theodore Yale
    Thaddeus River
    Brighton Oliver

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