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Thread: Please help! :)

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    THANK YOU all so much!!
    So funny that a bunch of the names suggested are either ones we love or ones that we love & can't use (have a niece w/ the name, etc.).
    What do you like the best?

    Luke, Eliza and Anna
    Luke, Eliza and Caroline
    Luke, Eliza and Nora
    Luke, Eliza and Claire
    Luke, Eliza and Amelia

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    I was going to suggest Annie, as it seemed to sound classic and spunky. Also love Nora and Claire. But really like them all!

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    I really like Maia or even Maya
    Noah William-Joseph Arthur-Ethan James

    Eliana Beatrice***Abigail Maeve***Liorah Angelina Celeste

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    eastcoastmama, your names are adorable! I like Caroline and Nora the best--in that order--Good luck!

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