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    Naming Twin B-West?


    I've been trying to figure out Twin B of twin boys names.

    I have a daugher, Serena Genevieve.

    Twin A (we are pretty set on): James River, will most likely call him River

    Twin B: the names Wes and Cal keep surfacing for me. I've taken a break from thinking about it, let go of a lot of names that I like due to hub's taste, and Wes and Cal remain. Hubs really has no offering, accept he said he's ok with Wes-doesn't love, likes Cal, and liked the name Bear (which is out of left field for him! he mostly only likes classic traditional names).

    So, hubs has bad association with name Weston (I really like this name). Neither of us are nuts about Wesley (I like Westley a little more, but -ly endings for boys names is nms). So, West has come up. I was neutral on this name. Now, I like it.

    And I'm stuck. One of my friends was head over heels for twin boys River and West (Wes). One of my friends asked me if I was a crazy celebrity for thinking of using West, which hurt my feelings actually.

    When I think of West, I think golden sunshine, rugged trails, and a warm breeze. I like this paired with cooling River, winding through green forrests. But I wonder, is this too much?

    So, what are your thoughts on West?

    Clarification: on my hub's side, there is a tradition that the first boy is named James, and each has a unique mn. There is a sea of James and we really want our son to have his own name. So, that is why James is in the fn place and will remain there. My hubs is a teacher and he doesn't think it will be a big problem going by a mn, minor things here and there, but I have faith that he'll be able to handle it.
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    Well, some might think of the Kardashian baby North West. I think West is a nice name - calls to mind cowboys, mesas, the Pacific Ocean… Others you might like:

    Sunny (as a nickname for Anderson, Carlson etc.. possibly Solomon)

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    I like it, but Kanye West has left his imprint on both West and North for me. It definitely has a celeb feel, but that probably won't last forever. Bear is nice, but maybe a little out there. Fox, Wolfe and Easton are alternative choices.
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    Honestly West is not my style and I understand why Westley might be problematic but really my opinions matters little in this case. If you and your hubby like West thats all that matters.
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    Firstly, there are bodies of water called James River (in Virginia and the Canadian province of Alberta). Second, if you're going to call him River, why not just choose River James? Third, River and West sound like a direction (much like the Kardashian baby North West) so maybe your friend has a point. Perhaps you should use West in the middle spot because it lacks the substance of James and use a more traditional first name (Peter West, Caleb West, Henry West etc...). I don't see how you can get Bear out of West or Cal but I guess you can give a child any nickname completely unrelated. North West is a celebrity child but so is Bear so that's something to think about as well.
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