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    If you both like Cal and you both like West, then what about Calvin West, or Callum West? Then, he could go by his middle name, just as you said James River is likely to.

    I love River and West together. The styles match, but they're not "matchey", and they are both sort of nature names - rugged and handsome and a little wild.

    Good luck!

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    btw just a thought, for ex when James signs up for University even though everyone calls him River on the role call he would still be James, there's a good chance teachers would continue to call him James because of the attendance sheet - also if he lived in a dorm room with any other guys and had an important call from a gov agency or even a contest entered and they asked for James, if he goes by River they'll say "there's no James here, wrong number" just a thought lol, something along these lines will probably annoy the poor boy!!

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    I think it's funny how varied everyone's answers have been! For me, River is pretty out there and I'm not a big fan, while West seems masculine and rugged and unique but not out there (love it!). I think that River and West as a twin set sounds a little hippie-dippy and treehugger-ish. If that's your personality, then the twinset is perfect! If that's not what you're going for, you might want to rethink the pair a little. And I will echo everyone else's thoughts that if you're going to call him River his whole life, then you should just name him River James. My dad and uncles all go by their middle names and it leads to a lot of confusion for all of them. I doubt it would cause any missed calls in his dorm room (Does anyone even use communal phones these days? We stuck to personal cell phones when I had roommates in college/early adulthood), but it can make filling out forms difficult and cause confusion when trying to deal with someone you don't know particularly well.

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    For me, I have a personal reference to the names since there is a neighborhood in my city called Riverwest since it is located on the West Bank of the river. However, my association aside, great names!! I do love Cal though and think River and Cal might be even better together! Good luck!

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    James River (called River) and Cal West (called West) maybe?

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