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Thread: Making Combos

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    Making Combos

    I typed out a huge post and went back to check if I'd had any replies.. and it hadn't even posted! I've lost my steam so long story short...
    My boys list consists of William Charles and Vincent John. All are family names. Both I would use. So really it's my 'definite' list.
    - I've decided I want three boy names on my list. And for them to have two middle names.
    - I would like to keep Vincent John as the baby would be known as Vinnie or VJ.
    And William would be known as Will or Bill, and Charles as Charlie. My family has a tradition of children being raised to think their names are Bob (Robert) and BJ (Bryan Jackson) etc.
    - I would like to use Russel, Matthew and Michael as middle names, BUT you can't use one and not the other. So if you use one, you gotta use them all. Or you can use none. They will never know
    - The names have to all fit together.
    - I think Joseph is the strongest contender, although I do like Lucas, Patrick, Theodore, Felix and Flynn.
    - Some possible nicknames are Otto, Brando, Arlo, Cash, Penn, Thomas and Ryan. They aren't important.
    - Would William, Vincent and Joseph work?
    - Please suggest combos and even add your own names in if you like!

    Joseph Matthew, Charles Cash and Otto Russel are combos I've thrown around in my head. I'm not sure if I would want Charles as a stand alone first name though, and I dont think William, Vincent and Otto 'flow' the way that William, Vincent and Joseph do?
    Matilda Kate (Therese), Vivienne (Saint) Lux, Adelaide (Margaret) Dahl.
    Vincent John, William Charles.

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