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    Question What works for my baby girl?

    Still lots of time until baby no. 1 is here, but I'm really stuck with naming her!

    The list is currently:


    I would like her to have a middle name and her surname will most likely be double-barreled as I kept my own surname. The initials will be 'A_____-C___'. Neither are long names. The first name has 2 syllables, the second name has 1 syllable.

    Please be honest, I'm not easily offended Which would you keep? Which do you like, love, hate or not really have an opinion on? Please make suggestions of first and middle combos. Are there any other names you love that would fit?

    I'm finding this process quite tricky, especially because I work with lots of mums and babies so have positive and negative associations with certain names!

    Thank you for your help.

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    My favourites from your list are Lilith, Ophelia and Elspeth, and the two I least like and just can't get on board with at all are Agnes and Hattie.

    Ophelia Elspeth and Lilith Margot are the combinations I like from those listed.

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    Hattie - Seems more like a nickname to me; perhaps Harriet nn Hattie
    Agnes - so so
    Nova - pretty and simple, but still different
    Lilith - love it! Lily is a sweet nickname option too.
    Beatrix - Also love it! Beatrix Potter is an awesome namesake as well! Author, artist, amateur scientist and conservationist!
    Elspeth - pretty, but may have some pronounciation issues.
    Nell - better as a nickname. Perhaps for Eleanor or Helen?
    Margot - mixed feelings
    Ophelia - pretty, but a tragic namesake.

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    Hattie- love. So sweet.
    Agnes- like. I think this is very underused- a keeper.
    Nova- i have never been a fan, but I see the appeal.
    Lilith- no.
    Beatrix- love!
    Elspeth- this is neither here nor there for me.
    Nell- no.
    Margot- my favorite on your list!
    Ophelia- no. I associate it with hamlet immediately.

    Great list!
    I would combine Margot Agnes and Hattie Beatrix.
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    I would keep:


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