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    Nell and Margot are the only ones I would keep, I do like Hattie but I just can't 'see' it.

    Nell Agnes (NAAC)
    Margot Elspeth (MEAC)
    are my combo suggestions!
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    I absolutely adore Nova and Ophelia!

    For middle names (from your list), how about:

    Nova Lilith A___-C___
    Nova Beatrix A___-C___
    Nova Elspeth A___-C___

    Ophelia Margot A___-C___
    Ophelia Beatrix A___-C___

    From that, I like Nova Beatrix and Ophelia Margot!

    I'm not fond of your other names except Beatrix.

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    A coworker is named Ophelia and she hates it and the connection to Shakesphere so she goes by her middle name so I would toss that. I like Hattie and Margot the best.
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    My favorites from your list are Agnes, Lilith, Beatrix, Margot & Ophelia.

    Hattie and Elspeth are charming but not my style - and I don't care for Nova or Nell.

    I think Ophelia sounds lovely in the middle spot with a few of your selections.
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    Hattie - Love it. I was back and forth on this one, but now I see it very much as a name in its own right.
    Agnes - Love it in theory, love it for a MN, don't think I can get behind it as a FN.
    Nova - Like it, kind of hippie-ish compared to the rest of your list.
    Lilith - Lovely, but Lily is just so popular.
    Beatrix - My favorite on your list!
    Elspeth - See Agnes.
    Nell - Way too folksy for me.
    Margot - Gorgeous. My second favorite.
    Ophelia - This is teetering on the edge of usable for me. I can't really decide how I feel about it. I can't even decide if I'd like it for my own name. Part of me loves how romantic and tragic it is, and part of me hates it for that very same reason. Agh!
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