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    Elspeth- My favourite form your list! Quirky vintage cool. I would also add Enid to your list.
    Agnes- love Agnes and her best friend Agatha. A little Aggie running around would be adorable
    Beatrix- Love both Beatrix and Beatrice, gorgeous names
    Nell- Again I see this more as a nn for Eleanor, Helen/Helena, Penelope, pretty though
    Margot- pretty fabulous, with or without the T
    Hattie- this is lovely, would prefer it as a nn for Harriet or Henrietta though

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    Hattie - Seems too much like a nickname (I prefer the name Halle)
    Agnes - too old ladyish for me (maybe better as a mn)
    Nova - different, but I like it
    Lilith - love it
    Beatrix - love it
    Elspeth - love it
    Nell - doesn't seem like a full name too me
    Margot - love it
    Ophelia - reminds me too much of the character

    Names I would use keep as first names - Margot, Beatrix, Lilith and Elspeth

    The other names do work as middle names though!

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    If you plan on having more kids, I would figure out which style you prefer and that would help narrow it down.

    I would break down your list like this:

    Margot, Agnes and Harriet

    Nell & Hattie

    Lilith, Beatrix, Elspeth & Ophelia
    (Although these last 4 could definitely mix well with some of the other groupings)

    Nova seems like a bit of an outlier, but maybe I'm just not that familiar with the name.

    Personally, I love all your names but my favorites are Beatrix, Margot & Agnes

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    Hattie- I find it too nicknamey to stand alone, but Henrietta or Harriet nn Hattie would be nice
    Agnes- vintage-chic and polished. I imagine a quiet, serious, bookish girl.
    Nova- sounds a bit nicknamey and cutesy, but I've always had a soft spot for Novella nn Nova...
    Lilith- the Biblical reference may be hard for some to take, but I do think it sounds prettier and more distinct than Lillian
    Beatrix- spunky, fun, and lively. feminine but tough and edgy.
    Elspeth- feels more prim and proper than Elizabeth, pretty and unusual
    Nell- Better as a nickname for Eleanor or Penelope. The Nelle spelling works better for a full name- à la Nelle Harper Lee- I have a typewriter named Nelle after her.
    Margot- buttoned-up, demure, quiet. reminds me of Anne Frank's sister Margot who was always the 'good sister'
    Ophelia- elegant, dramatic, bewitching. I love the sound and vibe of the name but could never use it, since I really dislike the character- she was way too passive IMO.
    ~Love names, literature, royals and horses~ <3

    Favourite names:
    Girls: Azalea, Cordelia, Elizabeth, Rosalind, Scarlett, Felicity, Juliet
    Boys: Fitzwilliam, Sebastian, Percival, Oliver, Darcy, Orlando

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    My absolute favourite is Nova! This name is just so cute and spunky while still being pretty and feminine - it would definitely be my choice.
    I also really like Elspeth, Nell, Agnes and Hattie!
    Not expecting - just interested in names!

    Catherine, Marina, Faye, Nina, Cassandra, Clara, Serena, Lyra, Leigh, Persephone, Annabeth
    Jason, Blair, Conrad, Finn, Jensen, Calder, Damon, Gregor, Jared, Hamish, Jago

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