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Thread: In honor of...

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    In honor of...

    We are not sure if we are having a boy or girl, but if we have a girl, we'd like to honor my late grandmother by using a name related to her. We would do this by using a middle name ( as is tradition in my family). Unfortunately, I am not fond of the two names that we'd be using. Can anyone think of a creative twist to the meaning of or even a diminutive of Dorothy or Lucille? I can only think of Thea or Lucy at this point. I would just like to hear more options. We are thinking of using the name Oakleigh or Kerys as a first name.

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    Here are some options, cheers

    For Dorothy:

    Judy (Wizard of Oz reference)
    Garland (Wizard of Oz reference)
    Gale (Wizard of Oz reference)
    Emerald (Wizard of Oz reference)
    Godiva (means God's Gift, just like Dorothy)
    Jonathan (God's Gift)
    Matthew (Gift of the Lord)
    Nathan (Gift from God)
    Nathaniel (")
    Maxwell (Divine gift)
    Hannah (a gift)
    Caitlin/ Kaitlyn (Divine gift)

    For Lucille:

    ~*~ Ulysses Christian Seabrook Leotine & Godiva Nightingale Annabelle Snow ~*~
    ~ Magnolia Firefly ~ Bronte Olivia Violet ~ Hermione Artemis Rain ~ Evening Primrose ~ Violet Persephone Eve ~ Calypso Rose ~ Fairylithe Ophelia Snow ~ Saga Hero Oceane ~ Titania India Ruby ~

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    I actually think Dorothea is nice, but assume you've decided against it. Dora, Dottie?

    Dorian would be a great option for a boy imo.

    For a girl, I like Lucia, but you could go with something else that means light or similar, like Eleanor, Nora, Helena, Zia. Or something like Cilla would be another way to go.

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    Thea and Dorothea are nice options for Dorothy. Any of the Lu- names would work well in honor of a Lucille -- Lucasta, Lucia, Luna, Luisa, Luljeta, Lunete, Lupita, Lux and Lucretia are some nice options.

    Of your two first name options, I definitely prefer Kerys, though I think Cerys or Carys are much nicer options (the K- looks rather harsh to me).

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    Dorian if male, Lux if female.

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