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Thread: Mira or Myra?

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    Mira or Myra?

    Hi Everyone,

    I was hoping you could help me settle a bit of a debate I'm having with my husband. If our second child is a girl we have settled on a name but can not seem to agree on the spelling. I prefer Mira, since it seems like the phoenetic way to spell it since we want the name to be pronounced "meer-a". I worry Myra would result in people calling her "MY-rah".

    My husband was the one who originally found the name, which he would like to use to honour his grandmother Margaret. He found it while looking at a list of derivatives of Margaret online. Apparently Myra is sometimes used as an anglicized version of Mairead, the Gaelic form of Margaret. I also read on wikipedia that this spelling has distinctive meanings, all of which I like.

    English meaning of the name Myra for a girl: poetic invention

    Greek meaning of the name Myra for a girl: fragrant from myrrh, an aromatic shrub (I like this because our oldest is named Cassia, which is also a nature name with greek roots)

    Latin meaning of the name Myra for a girl: variation of Miranda, admirable, extraordinary

    So what do you think? I just find Mira to be more attractive and easier to pronounce. It also has the bonus that she would share her name with a giant red star - pretty cool if you ask me. I definitely see my husband's side though.

    Thanks in advance for the advice!

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    For the pronunciation you want, I would go with Mira.

    I think of them as being two completely separate names and pronunciations, Mira prn. meer-ah, Myra prn. My-rah.

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    Mira! Myra is my ruh.

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    Yes, Mira for the pronunciation you want. However, I do think you would sometimes get mere-a from Myrra spelled that way with two $s, which would strengthen the tie to myrrh. However, it looks sort of made up....and I think people would still often say Myra.

    I do think if you name her Myra and pronounce it mere-a, you will be able to get people who know her to say it right, but people will always guess my-ra, and those who know may think poorly of your spelling / her knowledge of her own name.

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    To work best with the pronunciation you prefer, Mira is certainly the better option. Mira is so much prettier than Myra too in my opinion - much cleaner and stronger.

    For me, Mira has a short i sound sounding very close to the word 'mirror', whereas Myra is without doubt MY-rah with a drawn out i/y sound (I think it would take quite a bit too to come to instinctively say MEER-ah upon seeing Myra too).

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