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    Sometimes i dont like my own style ....

    Hey all !

    I feel like i havent posted a thread about names since forever . The thing is that i dont know what i like anymore . My favorite names for a little girl *for now* are Remember nn Mem , Alaska , Winter nn Winnie & Wolf . But these all exist in my dreamland . I cant use any of them exept maybe if i leave Greece which is very unlikely to happen . I dont like any usable greek names . Athena , Persephone , Olympia , Eleutheria etc are gorgeous but doesnt do anything to me . I used to love Thisbe but now i like it for someone's else child . I think that my naming style is word names . I adore names (okay , not really actual names) like Agapi ( word for love ) & Monaxia (word for Loneliness) but i know that everyone is going to hate them .... I really want to like the more common names like Sophia or Anna , or even go with my past favorite Bella but honestly these names doesnt describe me .

    Any ideas what to do ?

    Has anyone feel like she should like a different style than she does ?

    PS : Sorry if this post doesnt make any sence . I really dont know how to describe it .


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    My first though was Hero —*both a Greek name and a "word" name, so it could be a nice bridge between the styles you like.

    Agapi is very pretty, though I slightly prefer the English spelling Agape.

    Alternatives to the names you like:
    Alaska —*Alexia, Alix, Saskia, Aliki (Alice)
    Remember "Mem" —*Rema, Ember, Emer, Miriam, Mariamne, Maxime
    Winter "Winnie" —*Winifred, Wren, Gwen
    ThisbeHebe, Phoebe, Thekla, Thais, Zenobia
    AgapiAgathe, Kyriaki, Nefeli (Nephele), Agnes, Andromache, Irini

    More random ideas:
    Arabella, Thibault, Sophia, Alfred, Eleanor, Rémi, Charlotte, Achille, Olivia, Clement, Elizabeth, Frederick, Maud, Benedict, Adèle.

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    I think I understand your problem... I live in Norway, and many of the names I like, even the more 'normal' ones are considered rare and strange here. Of all the names in my signature, I might only get away with using Silas and Rosa, but Silas is super-rare and most people only think of Silas from a Dan Brown book (can't remember which one) who whips himself, and Rosa is the word for the colour pink.

    It's sad to say, but I'll probably never get to use any of the names I love right now.
    The best way for me to actually find names I love that I could use is to tie the names to things, places and people I love. In that way, my love for the names themselves isn't necessarily what makes me like them so much, but rather their connections to loved ones. Honouring mum Hilde by using Helena, my dad Olav by using Olai (a variant), uncle (and several ancestors) Ivar by using Ivo or Iver, grandfather Sigmund by using Edmund or Amund... Also, the place where my dad grew up (my favourite place in the world), the name Samson has always been unusually common, so I could honour that by using Samson. My grandmother's only sister was called Anne, and I quite like Anna. My mother was supposed to be called Lydia after her grandmother, but her mother was talked out of it my her sisters, so it feels like there's a Lydia missing from our family, I would love to remedy that!

    Although I would never call any of these names the most beautiful I know of, I would still love to use them because of what they mean to me, and I'm growing more fond of them all the time. When I actually have children, I'll also hopefully have a husband with a family of his own we would love to honour, to further increase the name-pool. And he might also help me narrow down my choices and we could find the best name together. The problem right now is that I know of too many names and I can't seem to eliminate any of the unusable choices as long as children are purely hypothetical.

    I wish I loved popular or common names, but I just don't. Even Helena or Lydia would be considered somewhat unusual in Norway!
    Åshild | lover of books & baked goods

    Norwegian word names
    Fryd + Lova + Vår + Sol
    [ + + + ]
    Iver + Trygg + Vilje + Leik


    Inga Ludivine + Eluney Bird + Tenebrae Rosa + Easter Ealisaid + Miruna Clio
    Arezou Salome + Liatris Una + Umeko Elettra + Noor Niobe

    [ + + + ]
    Sulo Alasdair + Echo Taliesin + Laufey Corentyn + Rivalen Rue
    Lupin Amias + Zennor Ianto + Etienne Tauno + Locryn Remiel + Aolú Immanuel


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    It doesn't sound like you'll be having children any time soon. I wouldn't worry too much about it, tastes change over time. When I was little I loved '70's &'80's names, then I hated them and now I'm coming around again to some of them. I'm betting the longer you are in Greece, the more you may come to like some of the names used there. This is especially likely to happen if you are around little kids at all.

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    Thanks guys for your replys ! I really appreciatte it !

    @sugarplumfairy : Thanks Actually Hero is a great option . It fits all my criteria . I have to think about that . I like both Agapi/Agape . They look the same to me so it really doesnt matter the spelling if i ever use it . From the names you listed , i really like : Saskia , Hebe (Love) , Phoebe , Nephele , Psyce (ADORE!!) , Io & Xanthe . Hebe , Psyche & Io will be put on my list!

    @dearest : Thank you ! That its exactly my problem !! If i name a kid Winter or Alaska in Greece everyone will think that i am the snobest person on earth . A child named Terpsichore will have an easier life than an Alaska lol . Thats a great idea about using names that has some connection to mw . I will definitly try it !

    @anaxandra : Thanks I will have to wait a lot of years before i have kids . Yeh , maybe my taste will change in ten yrs . I really wish it lol . I live in Greece all my life and i have yet to adjust on the names used here often like Maria or Giorgos (George) .

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