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    KC => SC

    Cool Name the Street- multiples edition!

    Welcome to your new neighborhood! On the outside, this cul-de-sac looks normal but you soon find out that this street is very unique because every family is made up of multiples!

    Street name:
    City name:
    State/Country name:

    Your family:
    (your choice! Must be at least 1 set of multiples)

    House 1:
    Names come from: OR

    House 2:
    Names come from: OR

    House 3:
    Names come from: OR

    House 4:
    Names come from: OR

    House 5:
    Names come from: OR
    Abby | 18 | Dancer | Writer
    My loves...
    Sabrina Auliโ€™i, Maeve Liliana, & Iris Michaela
    Cassian Micah, Torin Elliot, & Leo Matthias

    Theme of the week: Names I canโ€™t use
    Arden Elysia, Eliora Jane, Coraline Hazel, & Ezra Caspian


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    KC => SC
    Street name: Driscall Avenue
    City name: Virginia Beach
    State/Country name: Virginia, USA

    Your family:
    DH: Vincent Marcel
    DW: Abby Caroline
    DD: Lila Persephone
    DS: August Laurence
    DD/DS: Violet Evangeline and Leo Sebastian
    DD/DD/DS/DS: Iris Magdalene, Maeve Ottilie, Jasper Elias, and Nolan Shepherd
    DD: Eden Tatiana

    House 1:
    DH: Josiah Davis Frazier
    DW: Josephine Rosa Frazier
    DS/DS: Nico Sampson and Henry Lawrence Frazier
    DD/DS/DS: Livia Coralie, Alec Dougal, and Maxim Eugene Frazier
    DD/DD: Clara Abilene and Elsie Carlotta Frazier

    House 2:
    DW: Claire Helena Jones-Stevens
    DW: Paige Natalie Jones-Stevens
    DD/DD/DD/DD: Indie Caroline, Audrey Frances, Lily Addison, and Maya Eleanor Jones-Stevens
    DS/DD: Thea Margaret and Spencer Levi Jones-Stevens

    House 3:
    DH: Brady Montana Hudson
    DW: Reese Kennedy Hudson
    DS/DD/DD/DD/DS: Cooper Dempsey, Avery Phoenix, Ellery Taylor, Finley Lane, and Beckham James Hudson
    DD/DS: Kendall Valentine and Lennox Alcott Hudson
    DD/DD/DD: Sasha Emerson, Rowan Bailey, and Devon Harper Hudson
    DS/DS/DS/DD: Sebastian Brett, Palmer Jordan, Troy Evander, and Scout London Hudson

    House 4:
    DH: Arlo Walker Madison
    DW: Helen Acacia Madison
    DS/DD: Atticus Paul and Arden Irene Madison
    DS/DS: Parker Alistair and Carter Alexander Madison
    DD/DS/DD: Schuyler Ariel, Asher Edward, and Caroline Anna Madison

    House 5:
    DH: John Leopold Anderson
    DW: Marie Beatrix Anderson
    DD/DD: Ariana Lily and Laetitia Maud Anderson
    DD/DD/DD: Alice Estelle, Eloise Talullah, and Sophie Maria Anderson
    DD/DD/DD/DD/DD/DS: Astrid Joanna, Isadora Marie, Juliana Helene, Amalia Ines, Leila Ingrid, Theo Louis Anderson
    DS/DD: Magnus William and Charlotte Isabella Anderson
    Abby | 18 | Dancer | Writer
    My loves...
    Sabrina Auliโ€™i, Maeve Liliana, & Iris Michaela
    Cassian Micah, Torin Elliot, & Leo Matthias

    Theme of the week: Names I canโ€™t use
    Arden Elysia, Eliora Jane, Coraline Hazel, & Ezra Caspian


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    Street: Ranleigh
    City: Toronto
    Country: Canada

    My family: Jones
    DH: Andrew Sebastian
    DW: Allison Jane
    DD: Beatrice Jane โ€œBeaโ€
    DD: Clara Katherine โ€œKitโ€
    DS: Charlie Jay
    DD/DD: Rose Evangeline & Adeline Emily โ€œRosie & Dellaโ€

    House 1: Lewis
    DH: Anton Micah
    DW: Emmeline Helene
    DS/DS: Walter & Leonard โ€œWally & Leoโ€
    DS/DS/DS: Henry, Alfred & Kenneth โ€œHenry, Alfie & Kennyโ€
    DD/DD: Edith Josephine & Annika Irene โ€œEddie & Annieโ€

    House 2: Stewart-Smith
    DW: Eleanor Lucy Stewart
    DW: Sophia Theodora Smith
    DD/DD/DD/DD: Alexa Sophie, Chloe Fiona, Daisy Louisa & Eliza Felicity
    DS/DS: Asher Elijah & Theo Hudson

    House 3: Wellington
    DH: Kyle Nico
    DW: Morgan Dana
    DS/DD/DD/DD/DS: Riley Sage, Gabriella Sky, Evonne River, Serena Grey & Charlie Storm
    DD/DS: Mia Harper & Kobe Brett
    DD/DD/DD: Avery Kendall, Scout Alexis & Taylor Finley
    DS/DS/DS/DD: Toby Sasha, Sawyer Emery, Flynn Rory & Rowan Phoenix

    House 4: Gibbs
    DH: Edward Reed
    DW: Martha Esther
    DS/DD: Abigail Ruth & August Edward
    DS/DS: Arlo Walker & Atticus Hugh
    DD/DS/DD/DD: Aurora Claire, Abel Lowell, Amelia Rachel & Azalea Caroline

    House 5:
    DH: Alexander Henri
    DW: Catharina Elisabeth
    DD/DD: Alice Laetitia & Charlotte Ariana
    DD/DD/DD: Eloise Talullah, Felicia Ingrid & Helene Isadora
    DD/DD/DD/DD/DD/DS: Isabella Beatrix, Josephine Ana, Leila Therese, Marie Henrietta, Sophie Amalia & Theo Magnus
    DS/DD: William Oscar & Zaria Marcela

    Beatrice Flora Jane, Clara Felicity Kate, Rosalie Linnea Tess, Alexa Coralie Eve, Emmeline Alaska Sophie,
    Charlie Jay, Gideon Bruce, Henry Liam

    Also searching for ways to include:
    Adeline, Avalon, Eliza, Greta, Imogen, Isla, Leora, & Winnie.
    Asher, Caleb, Edwin, Felix, Grant, Hugo, Lachlan, Ronan, Rhett, & Wyatt.

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    Street name: Raleigh Road
    City name: Orlando
    State/Country name: Florida

    Your Family: Novak House
    DH: Franklin Oscar
    DW: Vivian Leah
    DD/DS: Fleur Viola & Tate Elias
    DD: Maeve India

    Frankie & Vivian, Fleur, Tate & Maeve

    House 1: Kelly House
    DH: Henry Nico
    DW: Edith Amalia
    DS/DS: Willoughby Clarence & Sampson Eugene
    DD/DS/DS: Niall Stanley & Hendrix Lawrence & Micah Simeon
    DD/DD: Jessamine Rosa & Livia Tessa

    Henry & Edith, Will, Sam, Niall, Hendrix, Micah, Jessa & Liv

    House 2: Lozano-Noble House
    DW: Sasha Nora
    DW: Zoe Georgia
    DD/DD/DD/DD: Francesca Sophia & Thea Gabriella & Cara Louisa & India Madeleine
    DS/DD: Ezra Gus & Maya Eliza

    Sasha & Zoe, Francesca, Thea, Cara, India, Ezra & Maya

    House 3: Salazar House
    DH: River Bo
    DW: Teagan Taylor
    DS/DD/DD/DD/DS: Evan Brooks & Harper True & London Maris & Mia Rowan & Sky Jackson
    DD/DS: Serena Kennedy & Rigby Flynn
    DD/DD/DD: Katarina Joss & Gabriella Coe & Sasha Valentine
    DS/DS/DS/DD: Hayden Rio & Charlie Hunter & Gray Austin & Avery Deltha

    River & Teagan, Evan, Harper, London, Mia, Sky, Serena, Rigby, Kat, Gabby, Sasha, Hayden, Charlie, Gray & Ava

    House 4: Washington House
    DH: Arthur Alexander
    DW: Portia Antonia
    DS/DD: Abel Francis & Louisa Caroline
    DS/DS: Edward Philip & Asher Amos
    DD/DS/DD: Eleanor Amelia & Carter High & Arianna Martha

    Art & Portia, Abel, Lula, Teddy, Asher, Nora, Carter & Ari

    House 5: Koch House
    DH: Samuel William
    DW: Ariana Alexandra
    DD/DD: Astrid Catharina & Zaria Helene
    DD/DD/DD: Olympia Ingrid & Isadora Maria & Tallulah Estelle
    DD/DD/DD/DD/DD/DS: Felicia Josephine & Alexia Sophie & Carmen Anastasia & Leila Victoria & Eleonore Maud & Casimir Louis
    DS/DD: Nikolai Felix & Amalia Eloise

    Sam & Ariana, Astrid, Zaria, Olympia, Isadora, Tallulah, Felicia, Alexia, Carmen, Leila, Eleonore, Casimir, Nikolai & Amalia
    Girls: Autumn | Delilah | Elodie | Greta | Hazel | India | Jessamy | Magdalena | Nora | Ramona | Sabine

    Boys: Bellamy | Bruno | Caspar | Jude | Kennedy | Kitt | Ludo | Samuel | Stellan | William | Xavier

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    Street name: Lady's Slipper Way
    City name: Friendship
    State/Country name: Maine

    Your family: Koster Family
    DH: Ansel Zachary
    DW: Phoebe Addison
    DS/DS/DS: Jedidiah Jeffrey *Jedi* & Jethro Gregory & Jarvis Timothy
    DD/DS: Kendra Jocelyn & Ford Emeric

    House 1: Classen Family
    DH: Arno Clarence
    DW: Isabeau Doris *Iso*
    DS/DS: Niall Roy & Davis Walter
    DD/DS/DS: Emmeline Edna *Emme* & Maxim Alfred *Max* & Marco Herbert
    DD/DD: Christiana Lois & Willa Jean

    House 2: Willoughby-Young Family
    DW: Zoe Brooke
    DW: Francesca Sophie *Frankie*
    DD/DD/DD/DD: Tessa Madeleine & Josie Miranda & Nora Mabel & Leila Margaret
    DS/DD: Tobias Henry *Toby* & Maisie Helen

    House 3: Asbury
    DH: Brooks Evander
    DW: Justice Early
    DS/DD/DD/DD/DS: Frazier Dmitri & Bailey Martina *Bay* & Sky Venus & Rowan Katarina & Luther Boris
    DD/DS: Emmett Giles & Gabriella Evonne
    DD/DD/DD: Quinn Serena & Keegan Deltha & River Maris
    DS/DS/DS/DD: Taylor Hank & Avery Neville & Sawyer Nolan & Charlie Mia

    House 4: Devries Family
    DH: Arlo Walker
    DW: Joanna Beatrice
    DS/DD: Abel Alcott & Antonia Ruth *Annie*
    DS/DS: August Francis *Augie* & Amos Josiah
    DD/DS/DD: Esther Angelina & Archer Anderson & Honor Amelia

    House 5: Whited Family
    DH: Theo Casimir
    DW: Beatrix Felicia *Bea*
    DD/DD: Henrietta Irene *Etta* & Talullah Ines *Tally*
    DD/DD/DD: Ariana Enrica *Ari* & Isadora Olympia *Izzy* & Victoria Helene *Tori*
    DD/DD/DD/DD/DD/DS: Astrid Carmen & Eloise Ninette & Ingrid Fabiola & Charlotte Amalia & Estelle Barbara & Magnus Christian
    DS/DD: Valentin Alexios & Alexia Virginia
    Ansel Paladin, Augustus Oak, Christian Laszlo, Elliot Nile, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Remington, Julian Denali, Otto River, Ronan Jeffrey, Theodore Rune
    Esmae Sakura, Evangeline Coral, Hazel Amity, Heidi Snow, Hermione Mabel, Linnea Valkyrie, Oona Bliss, Phoebe Calla, Scarlet Peace, Thisbe Margaret

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