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    Names i would like...

    My list:
    Evangeline Clare nn Evie {My elegant and classy combo}
    Eliana Joyce nn Ellie {I think Joyce is better than Joy for the mn, it sounds softer}
    Nora Kay {Or Nora Emmeline. Norah or Nora?}
    Neve/Niamh Elisabeth {Do you prefer Niamh or Neve? P.S. I live in an area where people generally wouldn't know how to pronounce Niamh}
    Madeleine/Madeline Iris nn Maddy {Both pronounced w/ the LINE ending}
    Maya/Maia Juliet {I prefer Maya spelling, but Maia spelling means 'mother' so thats a unique way to honor my mom}
    Emery Catherine nn Em
    Scarlett/Scarlet Renee
    Hazel Grace {I'm aware of the "The fault in our stars referance}
    Sienna Beatrice {Or Sienna Catherine, Sienna Elaine}
    Danielle Kay nn Dani {Or Danielle Maree, Danielle Jolie, Danielle Madeline}
    Beatrice Elaine nn Tris {or Beatrice Magnolia}
    Elisabeth Magnolia nn Elsie
    Magnolia Elisabeth nn Maggie {or Magnolia Beatrice}
    Caroline Elaine nn Callie {Caroline Rose}
    Aviana Rose nn Ava {Maybe Aviana Beatrice}
    Cleo Elisabeth {or Cleo Anneliese}
    Maeve Elisabeth
    Juliet Elaine {Or Juliet Maree, Juliet Rose}
    Lanie Rose {Possibly Laney, Lainey spelling}
    Bree Anneliese {or Bree Elisabeth}
    Linnea Rose
    Arabella Rose nn Ara or Bella {or Arabella Clare, Arabella Cate}
    Emmeline Rose nn Emmy
    Aoibhe Rose {Or Aoibhe Lynn... Aoibhe is pronounced Ay-Va}
    Callie Rose {Callie Elisabeth, Callie Anneliese, Callie Evangeline}
    Keira Rose {Keira Evangeline, Keira Violet, Keira Elisabeth, Keira Anneliese}
    Casey Elisabeth {Or Casey Rose. I only like this spelling of Casey..}
    Based on my list can u suggest some names i would like....

    No babies anytime soon... Just planning ahead (VERY far ahead)

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