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    Four Middle Names

    I was talking with a girl I went to high school with and Persephone came up. I said "I know she has a long name but I had to give her two middles. " And the girl said "That's okay, my daughter has four." O_O I told her I was going to tell people.

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    I had a phase when I wanted 3 middles for all my names, but then I realised that was a bit too much. But 4 plus a surname! I understand wanting to use all your favourite names, but there is a point when it loses the flow and just sounds like a list of names. Ah well, at least they won't all be used in everyday life.
    I love your daughter's name btw, it's so beautiful.
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    Your daughter's name is a beautiful and has a nice flow. Her two kids' names just sound like a bunch of random sounds put together. I plan on given all of my children at least two middle names, but definitely no more than three (and I probably won't even give them THAT many). Four is just too much. Even the royal baby only has two!
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    Wow, I have reservation about even 2 middles (I'm learning to accept it for when we have a boy since DH likes family names) so 3 let alone 4 seems CRAZY to me.
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    Wow, four middle names a lot! Sounds a bit ridiculous to me, and I agree with uniquenamelover that they sound like random sounds put together! I think one or two middle names are acceptable, but any more than that and it's just OTT in my opinion.
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