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    differences between your pregnancies

    Hi Berries. I am only a little over 6 weeks into my second pregnancy but already this second experience has been vastly different from my first time around. For example, during my first pregnancy (which was twins) I had no real morning sickness to speak of although once or twice I was a bit queasy. This time, although I have only thrown up once, the feeling that I might is a persistent companion.

    Has anyone else had a similar experience that their pregnancies seemed to be completely different?
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    My two pregnancies have been so different! I'm 34 weeks pregnant at the moment and my DD is 2years and 2 months. I was very queasy throughout my 1st and completely lost my appetite but i haven't had any of that this time. I also craved sugar and sweets with my DD, but this time its been strong savoury stuff. I feel much fitter all round this time round, and that might be because I've been running around after a toddler instead of 'taking it easy'- ie lolling about on the couch and allowing people to wait on me because my delicate condition, which did me no favours! I've had no back problems or aching hips or sore ribs even though my bump is bigger 2nd time round. I think its a combination of my body knowing what to do, the fact that I'm busier and so more stoic and perhaps the fact that i'm carrying a boy this time.
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    Mine were pretty much the same. Feeling sick, but not throwing up, for the first 3 months or so, then fine for the rest of the pg. With DD1 I went off a lot of foods, could only eat crunchy foods for the first few months and with the girls my queasiness felt like something had soured in my stomach rather than just feeling like I wanted to be sick. Had heartburn with all 4, but to different extents.
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    Mine were the same. Horrible morning sickness for the first 20 weeks requiring me to use Zofran in order to function. But otherwise pretty easy pregnancies.
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    My pregnancies have gotten progressively harder. #1--nausea but no vomiting; #2, I only barfed once; #3, much sicker and couldn't eat much besides hash browns and raw potato. With #4, the nausea/vomiting were ridiculous, I took Zofran pretty much the whole time, and I also ended up getting cholestasis and having to be induced 3 weeks early.
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