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    Help!! Only 2 weeks! Lola? / Anais?

    Hello everyone- (sorry for long post)

    We have only 2 short weeks (!) and I'm feeling confused.
    My husband and I have always loved 2 possible names for our daughter, either Lola or Anais. We have also thought about using both names for first and middle.

    Over the last few months, the name Lola has seemed to settle in for the first name. He's been calling her Lola every day. And other people have started calling her Lola.

    Recently, I have been hearing a barrage of negative comments (mostly unsolicited) about the name Lola: ie) it is way too sexy; she will have a hard time developing a serious career, etc...
    I was shocked! I've always loved the name and I have NEVER associated this name with being too sexy. I find it a very pretty, feminine name with spunk. And of course, I considered what if my daughter was to pursue a more conservative line of work. (My husband and I have more artistic careers). And I think it would work in any situation. I think the association with the name would be with my DAUGHTER, not something else external. But after hearing these comments many many times, I thought- Am I missing something??!!

    My husband is French and lived his entire life in France. (He's here in the US now). The name Lola is in the Top 5 names in France and has been in the Top 10 for years now. If the name has such terrible associations, how can this be?! Are these only American associations? I'm confused!

    Any suggestions??

    -Just stick with Lola?
    -Go with Anais?
    -Wait to meet her before deciding? (The 2 names Lola and Anais are very different.)
    -Maybe use both names so she has a choice? (I will be using the middle name Dorothea for my mother, although in France, 2 middles names are common)
    -Use Lola as a nn with a more formal name? (although I have not liked any of the choices at all)

    Thank you so much for any input!!

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    Use whatever feels right to you. It is both of your choice. Hope this helps. I really like Lola, too.
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    I love the lilting sound of Lola, but I do think it's verging on overtly sexy. I would recommend a longer formal name. You mentioned not liking any of the choices. I'm pretty open to stretching it when it comes to finding nicknames, and the long name really only has to have the lo- sound in my opinion:


    Also, I think waiting until you see her is a good idea, considering how different Lola and Anais are. Anais is lovely, but since you seem conflicted, meeting her might make it easier.

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    I'm in the UK and Lola is definitely becoming more popular here. I think it's maybe because of a popular kids programme called Charlie and Lola. I think Lola could end up becoming dated quite quickly. Anais is pretty and a much better bet in my opinion. My only reason for not using Anais would be not wanting my child to have the same name as Noel Gallaghers daughter!
    How about something similar to Lola like Leah? Or similar to Anais such as Annie?
    Good luck

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    I think they're both very beautiful names, and you should choose whichever feels right to you.

    Lola makes me think of the Charlie and Lola children's book series, and the German film Run Lola Run. People in the older generation may view it as a sultry name (e.g. the song "Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets"), but I think that image is subsiding.

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