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Thread: Thoughts :)

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    Thoughts :)

    I'm at that stage in life where you and all your friends are starting families and I literally get one birth announcement a week. Okay, maybe that's a LITTLE over exaggerated, but's crazy how many babies I'm meeting. Just for context, I live in Colorado two hours out of Denver. So, what do ya think of these:

    Chad Gauge
    Finlay Elizabeth
    Hunter Henry John
    Kellen Tucker
    Molly Anne Grace
    Avery Samantha
    Aubrey Mae (Breezy)
    Caroline Elizabeth
    Braam James Shane
    Leo Hudson

    Thoughts, opinions, or favorites?
    Jamie Shaw
    Mama To
    Whitney (Whit) Levi and Knox Rivers
    Baby Boy #3 due in July: Wayland Luke

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    Finlay all the way!!!!

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    I like Avery Samantha & Aubrey Mae for girls. I like Leo Hudson & Hunter Henry John for boys. I know a Tucker John & Elizabeth Anne.

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    Molly Anne Grace - Cute.
    Aubrey Mae - Cute. But I'm not a fan of Breezy in any form because I knew a Breezy whose nickname was "Easy Breezy" from the time she was twelve up until she graduated high school. Even if it was just a middle name, it rubs me wrong for this reason.
    Caroline Elizabeth - Cute.
    Leo Hudson - There's nothing wrong with either name and they sound nice together.

    Finlay Elizabeth - I dislike unisex names.
    Hunter Henry John - Henry John is fine, but I'm not a fan of Hunter.
    Avery Samantha - Unisex name.
    Bram James Shane - Like Bram and James, but this is a mouthful and "James Shane" runs together.

    Chad Gauge - The flow is a little off, but I don't have any opinions otherwise. I'm not sure if I like them or not.
    Kellen Tucker - Flows nicely, but same as above.

    Our styles are pretty different, but you have some nice names on your list.

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