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Thread: Names.

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    What do you think of the name Vaughn Drake? It means "little dragon"
    Do you think Van could work as a nickname to Vaughn?
    Which spelling do you prefer? Vaughn or Vaughan?

    Thanks! (:

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    Vaughn Drake goes together really well and the meaning is neat, but I am not a fan if Drake. I find it a bit harsh and trendy for my personal taste. I would prefer Vaughn paired with a softer sounding more traditional name, but this is just my personal taste.

    I think Van could work as a nickname if you really wanted to use it, but as both are one syllable it seems unnecessary. If you really like Van I think that could work as a stand alone name too. I prefer the Vaughan spelling because to me it looks more complete.

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    I like the combo. I think Van as a "nickname" seems like using Ann as a nickname for Anne.

    If you decide to use Van instead I would use a different middle name.
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    I don't like the 2 one syllable names next to each other, it sounds like a surname to me... Von Drake. I do like the name Vaughan though, but perhaps paired with a different middle name. Or you could do Evander Drake nn Van maybe?
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    I don't care for two one-syllable names next to each other. Together, they seem a bit choppy. I like Vaughan but am not fond of Drake. I really like huia's suggestion of Evander Drake 'Van'.

    It doesn't make sense to use a nickname on a one-syllable name, either, unless it's a pet name (like Rose --> Rosie).
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