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    Wdyt of Freeman?

    My grandfathers name was Freeman and I was extremely close to him.

    What are your thoughts on using it as a first name?

    I think I would prefer using it as a middle name but we really can't find a boys name we both love. Any suggestions?

    My other two boys are Tanner Graham and August Cruz.

    Other family names I wouldn't mind using are Jesse, Carl, or Kidd.

    Also, my husband is Hispanic but there's not too many of those names we like either. So it doesn't have to be Spanish.

    Let the challenge begin...

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    I don't like this as a first name at all. Mostly because it's not just one actual word, it's two.

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    This sounds like a Puritan name or the type of name African-American slaves would have given their children. (I'm in the middle of rereading Gone With the Wind so maybe that's why I'm thinking of that.) I'd have a hard time seeing it on a real-life person. A more modern association is Morgan Freeman.
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    It isn't my style, and I can't say I like it at all. Also, I think it might have too much of an association with Morgan Freeman, or Martin Freeman.
    Carl is my favourite name you have listed, but I think Jesse fits best with your other boys.
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    I do not care for it at all, especially for a first name. I would find other ways to honor your granddad. What were is favorite colors, animals, birds, trees, places, activities, etc? Could you use his middle name or surname? You could find names with similar meanings to any of his names. What were some of the names of favorite people in his life or people he looked up to? There are so many ways to honor a person or have a name that has special meaning. I can fully understand wanting to honor him. It is important for me to honor family members also, especially my late grandma and late sister.

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