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    Gwendolyn as a middle name for Flora or Faye

    My husband is now campaigning for Gwendolyn as a middle name for either one of the first names we're wrestling with.

    I don't want to say no immediately but this is a name that I go back and forth with, sometimes I like it, sometimes I think it sounds/looks a bit strange. It may not be my number one option -I am still loving Cordelia, Eleanor and Annabel for Faye and Susannah for Flora- but could it be a realistic possibility?

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    I think Gwendolyn is an underused gem I do love Susannah too though!
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    Flora Gwendolyn is lovely. I prefer the Gwendolen spelling though. Faye Cordelia would be my second choice. Maybe Faye Susannah?

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    As southern.maple said, Flora Gwendolen is beautiful. It is classy, elegant and timeless, different but certainly a realistic possibility that will suit a female at all stages in life. Faye is lovely too- an under appreciated cousin of May. I also love it with the 'Fae' spelling, especially with a classic, sturdy last name and middle name to ground it. Faye Cordelia is a really lovely name, but I think Flora Gwendolen still reigns supreme.

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    I really like Flora Gwendolen, but I don't feel like Faye Gwendolen flows that well. I love Faye Cordelia!

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