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    Ashabelle, Ashabel or Ailsing?

    A main characters in a book I'm writing with my friend has currently got the name Ashabelle. Originally, it was Ashabel (which I still prefer) but to make it look more 'posh' I changed to spelling to Ashabelle (as per my co-writer's request). However, recently I've been considering changing her name to Ailsing. Currently, her mother is Jezebelle (I would change it to Liadan if I went for Aisling) and her half-sister is Euphemia.

    What do you guys think? Ashabelle, Ashabel or Aisling?

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    What kind of story are you writing? If it's set in modern-day, Ashabelle/Ashabel seems unlikely, and Aisling the more obvious choice. If it's something more along the lines of fantasy, I'd probably choose Ashbel (that extra 'a' throws me off a bit, and the -belle ending is too frilly).
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    Try one of the forms on the 'help' thread. You'll get better answers that way.

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    I would definitely pick Ashabel- as another person stated, it is less frilly than Ashabelle (it actually looks more 'posh' than Ashabelle, and more sophisticated). However, it is still unique and memorable (and you can have Abel for a nice unisex nickname). Aisling doesn't really stand out as a protagonists name (though that is just my personal opinion). Just my two cents x.

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    I honestly don't likie any of them. Ainsling is too similar to Ainsley, which is really trendy right now (which means it will be really stale in a couple years) which doesn't mix well with fantasy. I prefer Ashabel to Ashabelle (sorry, co-writer, Ashabelle looke like it's trying too hard) but ultimately I just don't like either. None of them are really appealing to me, and none of them really feel like main character. But of the three, gun to my head and i had to choose, I would go with Ashabel.

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