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    Could you please look up Tessa, Mila, and William for me I'd greatly appreciate it?!
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    Thank you so much for the info on Naomi!!! Seeing Ava in the timeless section was surprising to me. I love that name...Ava Penelope was a combo DH & I talked about tonight off the info you posted. I'm ordering the book too.

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    Thank you so much!!! You are amazing!!
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    Tessa (TEHS-sə)
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    Styles: Nicknames, Short and Sweet, New Classics
    Nicknames: Tess, Tessie
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    Mila (MEE-lə -)
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    Styles: Slavic, Short and Sweet
    Variants: Milla
    Sisters: Anya, Nika, Alina, Maia, Annika, Ivy, Katya, Luna
    Brothers: Luka, Ari, Viktor, Ronan, Owen, Kai, Maxim, Nico

    William (WIL-yəm)
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    Styles: Timeless
    Nicknames: Bill, Billy, Will, Willy, Liam, Wills, Wim
    Variants: Willem, Wilhelm, Liam, Guillaume, Guillermo
    Sisters: Anna, Elizabeth, Sarah, Emily, Caroline, Margaret, Julia, Katherine
    Brothers: James, Thomas, Edward, Charles, Stephen, Henry, Andrew, Robert

    @ swissmiss
    Oh, no. That was suppose to be Ana. Sorry! The 'v' and 'n' keys are one letter apart from each other. *Headdesk* Even thought it's not listed under timeless I think Ava and Naomi would be an absolutely gorgeous sibling set. Ava is listed under Antique Charm, Short and Sweet, Nickname-Proof, and Saints.
    Thoughts in this thread?

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    Oh gosh, I was wondering about Ava as timeless!! Lol. No worries. I still love the name & can see Ana easily getting the mix up for Ava. Thank you again for taking the time to type all the info out. Really generous of you!! I also appreciate the intro to the book, I look forward to getting a copy.

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