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    Shepherd or Finn?

    I really am loving the name Shepherd lately, but I don't know how well it goes with the sibset Theodore "Theo", Margaret "Maisie", Penelope "Poppy", and Charlotte "Lottie". All of those names seem vintage and classic to me and I don't know about Shepherd with them.

    Another possibility would be Finnegan "Finn", which I think goes better. However, I feel could easily become more of a girls name, what with Finley/Finlay seemingly becoming more popular for girls.

    So what do you think? Finnegan Shepherd or Shepherd Finn?

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    Both are great. While I love the name Finn, with your sibset I slightly prefer Shepherd Finn. Shep would be a good nn.

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    I much prefer Finnegan Shepherd. Shepherd as a first just feels out of place in the sibset, and doesn't have the fun, cool-guy vibe of Finnegan/Finn.
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    Shepherd and Charlotte are too similar for my comfort level. Shepherd just doesn't have the historic distinction of the other three names. I think I prefer just Finn rather than Finnegan. Other options available are Finbarr, Fintan, Fingal or Phineas nn Finn.
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    Definitely Finn. It's a legit first name whereas shepherd is a profession/surname.

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