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    The reactions to my first daughter (Amia - pronounced AY-mee-a) were mostly "oh, that's interesting!" It was a totally new name to everyone and I think it took a while for most people to get their heads around! No-one every said anything discouraging, but I could tell from some people's reactions that they were trying to be nice but thought it a bit weird.

    The reactions to my second daughter (Vienna) were overwhelmingly positive! It surprised me as it was about 10th on my list (the only one me and hubby could agree on), whereas Amia was my favourite by a mile.

    I've never told people the name before they're born and I think its best that way, because once they're already named relatives don't get the feeling that they have some choice in the matter!

    I feel a little sorry for my mother in law, because I've never met someone who dislikes her own unusual name more than she does! So I'm pretty sure she was unimpressed by the fact that I gave my children unusual names. When I was first pregnant with my first child, she commented "you wouldn't name it something really weird like Sky!" and I had to admit that I actually quite like the name Sky (but would probably only use it as a middle name)

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    We obviously get mixed reactions. Understandably because so many of our faves are pretty out there.

    We got a lot of hate for choosing Azula at first - but people love her nicknames (zuzu, baby zu, or just zu). And after some time people got used to her name & now they love it. People seem more OK with Indira, not sure if that's cause they know to expect something unusual from us now or cause they like her nickname (Indie).

    Waiting til after the baby's born to announce is a good idea if you're picking something uncommon... if you can wait that long.
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    Before Maeby was born, everyone tried to change our minds about using it, to no avail. Everyone has accepted it. When strangers ask her what her name is and she tells them, they look to me and ask "what did she say?" and then we go through the whole spiel about how to spell it and where it came from. Worst reaction was a woman at a photo place who asked her what her name was and after she told her the response was "oh, maybe you'll tell me?" Haha you're so original, lady!

    With Saela's name, we've only gotten positive reactions. Everyone tells us how pretty it is. But after Maeby's name, they were all pretty open to whatever we would throw their way!
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    When I was pregnant with #1 I once mentioned the name Cambria, and my whole family basically flipped out. They really disliked it and were really sceptic.

    But when our daughter was born and we named her Anna, they only had good things to say. And they were telling us that we "made the best decision after all". This kind of pissed me off.

    And also outside the family I heard nothing but good things about Anna's name.
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    I'm 18 and no kids in the forseeable future for me, but one day I said to my mum 'If I have a daughter, I'm calling her Matilda' and she said 'after Tilly Devine?'
    I kind of have a fear of people 'stealing' them. And plus I honestly don't care what other people think.. I'm happy with them. I could never post a 'what are your opinions on this name' in case it ruined it for me.
    I have decided, with all the wisdom that comes from being 18, that I'm not going to tell people the name of the child until it's born. That way, if they don't have anything nice to say they probably wont say it to my face because once its done, its done and people seem to be more accepting of it that way, from my experience. I'd hate to have people try and change my mind or suggest names I would never use, I feel guilty quite easily and I don't want to be impressionable with all those hormones running through me.

    Plus when people post on facebook the name before it's born, I feel like it takes away from the surprise. Everyone is so quick to post the gender and name when the baby comes out theres really no surprise, which I love. I love the 'was it a boy or a girl?!' and the whole 9 months of wondering, and the thinking 'hm i wonder what names they will use' and I usually make a list and then when the baby comes out I see how close I get! My closest has been Charlotte Jay, and then called her Charlotte Jade!
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