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    When kids say scary things...

    Sometimes my kids genuinely scare me with the things they come out with- especially in public places.

    I thought it would be fun to start a thread to share the weird, 'quirky' and sometimes unnerving things that our kids say

    My partner reported the following conversation with my two year old last week at the ball pool:

    Barney: all these red balls are fire. Should I put my face in it?
    DH: you shouldn't touch fire sweetheart it's dangerous
    Barney: (with a huge smile on his face) I'll throw the fire at you, and your skin will melt off so you will be bones

    Cue huge silence and a very speechless parent!

    Nobody told me prior to having kids that they could be so dark!
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    Not necessarily scary, but odd and usually embarrassing things!

    I was looking after my Godson once and we were going into town in the car. When trying to park someone almost hit me and before remembering Noah was in the car, I called the driver something rather unpleasant! I remembered he was there and looked round but he didn't seem to have noticed. Later we were in line at the post office when he turned round and asked "Ryn, why did you call that man a f****** b******?" You could have heard a pin drop, the place was so quiet and I have never turned so red in my life!
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    I was babysitting a six year old named Ethan and he told me that he knew how to electrocute someone with a hairdryer. I guess it was in a tv show he watched??

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    Try this thread on Reddit.

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    Oh my goodness southern.maple some of those are creepy...

    Not dark so much, but rather strange. Once I was volunteering in a kindergarten classroom and they had an activity where they had to write something they loved about their family members, and draw a corresponding picture. One boy (4 or 5 years old) wrote:

    I love my dad because he can get a white car.
    I love my mum because she lets me sit almost next to a flame.
    I love my brother because he taught me to open a box of electrical wires.
    (He wanted to say, I love my brother because he teaches me bathroom words, but the teacher didn't let him.)
    I love being myself because I can turn up the thermostat without permission.

    I'm pretty sure I didn't know how to work the thermostat when I was in kindergarten. I still don't know how to open a box of electrical wires, don't think I really need to know.
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