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    Okay so yesterday I saw an article about a little boy named Cutter. I was just wondering what y'all think about this name. By no means would I ever name my little boy this, as I see it more of a word not even. Honest opinions and trust me I won't be offended. Thanks!
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    Well, my first thought was cookie cutters, then my mind turned to self-harm. It's a no from me.

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    To be honest, I'm a huge fan of the Warriors book series, so I think of the term for 'vet' in those books....and it's not exactly positive. Plus, it reminds me of evil, crazy people inflicting pain on others. In the long run I'll say: Poor kid.
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    I can understand where they got it from, since it is a surname sometimes. But by no means do I think it's a good idea for a first name. Yikes.
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    My mind instantly went down the self-harm route. Nope.
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