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    Recent babies - and recent run-ins

    I just thought I'd throw out the names of the little ones who have entered my corner the world recently. As well as share some - interesting - names of peers I've come across.

    New Babies
    Adalynn Daphne - This name had so much potential. Adeline Daphne would have been such a pleasure to encounter, but the spelling ruins this one for me. I do love that Daphne made an appearance, though.
    Zayden Cooper - I appreciate the flow and I actually like Cooper. Aidan Cooper would be a great choice, if popular. I find Zayden difficult to enjoy.
    Mary-Jayne Clair - There's not much to love here, in my opinion. While Jayne is a legitimate spelling of Jane, it makes the name quite "Y" heavy. The flow is off and I don't see the appeal of Clair over Claire, really. It just looks incomplete. Plus, the drug reference is enough for me to say no.
    Damon Alexander - Not my style, but I appreciate everything about this name. And it is PERFECT for the family. I'm a big fan of this one.
    Bentley Allen Mitchell - I don't hate it by any means, but the flow feels off. As do Allen and Mitchell paired with Bentley. I would prefer a more sustainable "Ben" name.
    • Nyliah Elizabeth Grace - Again, Elizabeth and Grace are classic, sustainable and gorgeous, but are sadly ruined by the made-up Nyliah. Elizabeth Grace would have been a lovely choice. Or even Naomi Elizabeth Grace.
    Sadie Elisabeth - I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. Definitely my favorite of the bunch, all things considered.

    Recent Run-ins
    Juliet Adele - I have so much love for this name. And meeting a 20 year old with it speaks well of her parents. She wears it exceptionally well. Definitely my favorite of the run-ins.
    Camille Elizabeth - Again, it was lovely meeting an 18 year old Camille.
    Jubilee - This name has been a GP of mine of ages and sees it worn well in real life is awesome.

    Care to offer your thoughts?

    What about you? Any new babies or recent run-ins?
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    Adalynn Daphne - dislike, would have much preferred Adeline.
    Zayden Cooper - I dislike Zayden. Cooper is okay as a middle name.
    Mary-Jayne Clair - I prefer the spellings of Jane, Claire, and Clare. The combo is okay.
    Damon Alexander - The flow is nice. I feel neutral about the name.
    Bentley Allen Mitchell - Bentley is nice, would much prefer Bennett. I am neutral on Allen and Mitchell.
    • Nyliah Elizabeth Grace - Elizabeth Grace is gorgeous. I do not care for Nyliah.
    Sadie Elisabeth - This is my favorite combo.

    Juliet Adele - I feel neutral about this combo.
    Camille Elizabeth - This is nice, I would have preferred Elizabeth Camille.
    Jubilee - I can see this being a fun middle name.

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    I recently ran into a set of siblings named Cody, Casey (f), Paisley, and Winston. Just kind of odd, I guess.
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    Saw someone in the supermarket today, picking a baby up out of a stroller and calling her Shaylee. :/ I can only imagine this is the spelling, but it could be worse.

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    My bosses wife just had a baby. His name is Noah Hayden.

    My fiances cousin just had twins Maya Grayce and Georgya Maye (she likes the letter Y)

    My best friend just had Viktoria Marlene.

    My best guys friend and his husband just adopted a girl they named Amelie Monet.

    Run ins: When picking up Joely from daycare I ran into a new girl name Rachael and a new boy named Daeshaun
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