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    Aiden, Alden, or Ashton?

    DH and I both love Aiden, but it is so uber popular that we're not really sure we want to go with it.
    I like Alden as an alternative...close to Aiden, but different enough and not popular.
    DH likes Ashton. I'm ok with that, but Asher, etc. are also getting popular and I can't stand Ashton Kutcher.
    Middle name will be Elliott. Thoughts?

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    I like Aidan (though only this spelling, not Aiden).

    Alden is okay but I wonder how many times a day it would be misread as Aiden, looking at it. Like, I like Iola, but 9/10 people think I wrote "Lola" with a lower-case L.

    Are August or Alan options?

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    Hands down Ashton nickname Ash

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    If you both truly love Aiden, then I would just use it. In certain name situations the reason they become so popular are because they are great names. I agree with stripedsocks on the possibility of Alden being missread as Aiden. I'm not sure on the 2013 rankings, but Asher only hit #108 in 2012. Not extremely popular in my opinion. Ashton is going down in rankings.

    Are there any other names on your list? What about Hayden?
    Thoughts in this thread?

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    Two tree names for your consideration: Alder and Linden.
    I also like Eamon, which feels older/more authentic than Aiden.

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