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    I actually adore Harrison for you since it means "son of Harry". If you really don't like it, then you could see if there is another way to incorporate his name that would make him happy.

    H names: Hugo, Henry, Hugh, Heath, Hunter, Hudson, Hector, Holden,

    Other boy names (since I'm not sure on style that he'd really like): Sebastian, Everett, Tobias, Alexander, Bruce, Elijah, Caleb, Logan, Griffin, Isaac, Dominic, Gideon, Seamus, Gabriel, Lysander

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    Perhaps you could begin a name search on your own, then casually present him with a few you like. Maybe that would be a good opener for a meaningful conversation.
    I think emmabobemma is right... if he's serious about naming your child after himself, analyzing why he wants to do so may help you both find a compromise- such as using his initials, using another name that is meaningful to him (this one may require a bit of digging), putting his name in the middle spot, using a name of the same style, etc. Will the child have his surname? If so, it may help enormously to say, even lightheartedly, that "the baby will have your name no matter what- your surname." If the baby will have your surname, that may be what all this is about... not being left out of the name equation. It could be his way of "branding" the baby as his own.
    You seem very, very sure of your own feelings on this topic- it's good you have clarity of mind. So you will both need some honest communication to reach a happy solution. Good luck!
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    Ah I see. Tweedy, buttoned-up, surnameish:

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    I just find the whole idea to be very tacky, it's definitely not my thing. I like Sebastian and Gideon! I wouldn't be opposed to a name beginning with H, however I haven't found any that I like.

    I think I may have not expressed myself correctly in my post. I'm not looking for opinions on the matter, really, I just gave the information to explain what is happening and give a little background. I am trying to find my own names, that's why I made this and my girl thread. I am simply looking for name ideas that are similar in style and feel to Harrison...that is all. Also our child will have his surname so that isn't...or at least, shouldn't, be a problem that is bothering him
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    I do like the name Spencer, however due to an ex friend of my boyfriend's it probably wouldn't be the best idea to suggest that one to him haha!

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