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    The "Ego Problem"

    Hello beautiful people!

    My boyfriend & I are super excited to be expecting our first child but we are experiencing something I call the "ego problem".

    My boyfriend is dead set on wanting to use Harriet (Harrison for a boy) as our child's name...the problem for me is that my boyfriend's name is Harry. Not too keen on using his name, but slightly changed, for our child.

    I'm trying to find some ideas that may have the same feel or be the same style as Harriet; do you have any suggestions for me that I could show him?

    Thank you,

    (Keep a look out for my boy thread, too, please!)

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    Have you considered Juliet?
    Elise Jeanne Rose
    Benoit Leo Luca

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    Convince him to 'save' the Harry names for a boy (Harrison), thus excluding Harriet from consideration. Then...pick a name you love for your daughter.

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    He's already pushing for Harrison as well; however I hate the idea in general. I do truly feel bad, however I just cannot do it. As a middle name? Perhaps I could get on board with that but never, ever as a first name. He hasn't even considered any other first names besides Harriet and Harrison so I don't really have anything else to base ideas on

    I like Juliet, Aria, Josephine, and Penelope!

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