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    Thoughts on these five crushes/loves?

    I'm trying to get settled my girls' list settled, and I could use some opinions on several names. I have about 11 names set (Isabelle, Arianne, Olivia, Violet, Charlotte, Eva, Catherine, Lillian, Anne-Sophie, Tess, and Emmeline), but I can't seem to get my mind settled on the rest of these. WDYT of them? Do they fit with my other favorites?

    Eilidh (a family name; prn. AY-lee)
    Eleni (another family name; eh-LEN-ee) "Leni"
    Lenora "Leni/Lena"
    Winter "Winnie"

    Obviously, Eleni and Lenora won't both make the cut; Eleni's been a huge favorite of mine for years, but every now and then, another Leni name will creep up on me. I really like Lenora with some of my favorites (Violet, Charlotte, Emmeline, Catherine, Isabelle, etc.!), but I truly adore everything about Eleni, even though she's an odd-ball on my list. So I'm a bit curious to see which others prefer. I'm most interested in opinions of Winter, Hazel, and Eilidh at this point...

    Thanks, ladies!
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    Eilidh (a family name; prn. AY-lee) - I like the name as well as the spelling but said out loud it sounds so trendy and cutesy to me.

    Eleni (another family name; eh-LEN-ee) "Leni" - I love this name but you already have Emmeline. All five letters of Eleni are contained in Emmeline.

    Hazel - I'm slowly growing to like this name but I'm not there yet. I wouldn't have Violet and Hazel as siblings so maybe Hazel could be a middle name.

    Lenora "Leni/Lena" - I love Leanora/Leonora a bit more but this is a gorgeous name.

    Winter "Winnie" - I think this name works better in the middle spot.
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    My favorites are Hazel and Lenora, and Winter as a middle name.

    Eleni is cute, but I prefer Lenora. And Eilidh.... I also feel like it sounds so similar Kaylee, that I don't know if it's worth the trouble it will bring with spelling/pronunciation.
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    I like both Lenora and hazel and think they fit into your list, the others I am not a fan of.

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    Lenora s beautiful!

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