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    Middle name for Lenora, Rosalie & Nola

    I've finally narrowed my choices to Lenora, Rosalie or Nola. I need help with middles and like some surname, unisex or presidential type names, but am open to all others. My kids names are Azilee Reagan Faulk & Coan Anderson Faulk.

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    How do you say Azilee's name? AZ-ih-lee? It reminds me so much of Azalea (and the French form, Azélie) that I'm tempted to say ah-ZAY-lee, but it doesn't seem quite phonetically correct. I like Lenora and Nola best with Azilee and Coan (Is this like Cohen or Cone?), as Rosalie is rhymey with Azilee, but I think Lenora Rosalie would be darling! All three are beautiful names, though--I'd be happy to come across all three.

    Lenora Brady
    Lenora London
    Lenora James
    Lenora Bailey
    Lenora Mackenzie
    Lenora Harper (love the literary, vintage sort of feel with this one!)
    Lenora Lincoln
    Lenora Emilia
    Lenora Carter
    Lenora Truman

    Nola Jackson
    Nola Parker
    Nola Edison
    Nola Charles
    Nola George
    Nola Hadley

    Rosalie Flynn
    Rosalie Addison
    Rosalie Jocelyn
    Rosalie Carter
    Rosalie Lincoln
    Rosalie Harper

    Lenora Jocelyn, Lenora Harper, or Lenora Lincoln would be my favorite, I think.

    Good luck!
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    Rosalie Arden from the PP is really beautiful. I'm thinking of the name Rosalie too. Rosalie Carys (like Paris) is so beautiful methinks. Carys is an old Welsh name that means beloved.

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