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    The toddler thread!

    Lots of moms here have toddlers, so what are they all up to?

    Here's a thread to ask for toddler advice, share tips, accomplishments, questions, and all things toddler!
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    Mine's 21 months, she walks, talks a bit (okay a lot, but not much of it makes any sense), she is currently obsessed with shoes (which she calls cookies) and hats. She has a very high pitched voice and is a LOUD little girl. She loves Curious George, grapes & tortilla chips, and playing with her grandparents & aunties & uncles & her friend Estelle. We are currently potty training & she's doing well with pee-pees but haven't had a poop yet. She gets stickers for trying, m&ms when she pees and if she ever poops she will get a temporary tattoo for that. She loves books & playing outside, is crazy about building with lego & acting like mommy (pretend cooking, shopping, mothering) and she adores her baby sister "Deeah". She is currently cutting 4 teeth (her canine/cuspids). She is very friendly with adults but a bit shy/confused with other kids. She HATES getting her hair washed in the bath but is fine with the rest of it. Corey is teaching her to sing the Star Wars theme.
    I still nurse her once or twice a day, not sure how to go about weaning her entirely. It doesn't bother me but DH thinks she is getting too old for it. Any advice?

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    Cressida is 2 (more precisely 28 months), she is a very happy little girl. She likes the park A LOT and has a huge obsession with Frozen at the moment, she actually hums along to every song on the DVD and watches it about four times a day. She doesn't have a favourite colour just yet as it changes daily which is very tiring, she likes to dress herself or at the very least choose her clothes out - she wore a lovely outfit of yellow Wellington boots, turquoise leggings, a pink tutu skirt and multi coloured floral top today, she definitely gets her "sense" of style from her dad. She has been potty training for a wee while now and she is getting better and better at it, we've been trying to go all day without a nappy and only wearing one at night.

    She likes playing by herself and with others, we made the decision about six months ago to enroll her in a nursery so she could interact with children other than her cousins and the odd child of a family friends. She was an only child at the time and I was scared she wasn't going to have good "people skills".

    We don't do much of a rewards system exactly, she gets praise when she does something right. When she does misbehave she gets put into a time out and has a special egg timer thing but she is normally pretty well behaved.

    Her favourite things are:
    The cat and the dog (Amos and Silas), her grandmother (who she calls Mami), Olive (her cousin who is a very similar age), swimming, bedtime stories (her current favourite is something along the lines of "Where is my hat?"), she likes bird watching (she sits in the kitchen and watches for hours when she's not watching Frozen), she is in love with nursery (she goes twice a week for a few hours), oranges (because "they are made of sunshine"), cheesecake, Italian food, Jelly Babies, chicken, tomatoes (she will eat cherry tomatoes like they are sweets or something, I guess it's better than her loving unhealthy food).

    Things she doesn't like:
    Chocolate (I hit the jackpot there!), ice cream (she screams that it cold...), her coat (she currently has five coats to her name and hates them, it's weird), carrots (they are the only thing she doesn't like vegetable wise, no matter how they are prepared she doesn't like it), salmon, she doesn't like her hair in anything but pigtails or just down, she doesn't like crisps out of a bag or packet, the kids' TV show "In the Night Graden", pushchairs (she hates it now).

    She is currently getting used to having a baby around the house and she seems a little reserved but I think she is scared of hurting Fleur because she is a poorly baby, my husband thinks it might be a nice thing to buy her a wee goldfish or something small like that so she has something that is hers to look after. She likes to sit with her dollies when I'm feeding Fleur and do what I am doing with the bottle and she asks lots of questions about her too. I would to know anybody else's experiences with a young toddler getting used to a new baby?

    @katieydenburg: weaning is hard, especially when they "remember" it, so to speak, my daughter actually weaned herself off at around the age of 14 months. I would highly recommend talking to your doctor, but try to just "forget" about it. If you feed her at let's say 2.30pm daily then one day out on a film for her to watch or give her something to focus on and maybe she'll forget about it to? But definitely talk to your GP, they could probably give you a lot better advice then I could. Best of luck though! By the by, I ADORE your daughters names!
    Two beautiful girls!

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    My son is 25 months. He enjoys fisticuffs, brawls, roughhousing and the like with his friends/frenemies. He speaks constantly, roughly half of which is remotely intelligible, and likes driving his toy cars on his baby sister's face. When in a room he will alternate between throwing everything in sight or meticulously searching for microscopic specks of dust and crumbs which he will present to me in a disapproving fashion, as evidence of my poor housekeeping.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    When in a room he will alternate between throwing everything in sight or meticulously searching for microscopic specks of dust and crumbs which he will present to me in a disapproving fashion, as evidence of my poor housekeeping.
    Haha he sounds fantastic!

    @elizah, the problem is she nurses most mornings first thing when she wakes up - and she is insanely grouchy if we miss that ritual - and at night before she goes to sleep. I have tried giving her a bottle instead but she just won't settle down til she nurses.
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